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Airport Guide
Facilities for your comfort at Delhi Airport.

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Baggage trolleys are conveniently placed throughout the airport terminals.

Baggage Wrapping Services

Secure Wrap is an environmentally friendly plastic luggage wrapping service at the Delhi airport. It helps protect your luggage from damage, tampering and mishandling.

Baggage wrapping service is available at the Check in Hall, Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 at a reasonable charge.

Contact for Baggage Wrapping Service: +91-8750274398.

For any further details, you may reach out to us @

Baggage pickup and drop service

CarterX is the online platform of Carter Porter which provides the Passenger baggage pick-up from their doorstep and delivery at Departure Contact number - 6366581115

Excess Baggage

Avaan provides Excess Bagggage Handling service to passengers at Terminal 3 for transferring baggage across India, at an extremely affordable price. Passengers can choose the delivery period by opting for a Premium package (Air delivery) or a Surface package (road delivery). Prices starting from Rs. 100/kg*. Contact number - 01161231178.

Other Facilities & Services