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Delivering a smooth experience at Delhi Airport! For all queries, we have you covered!
DigiYatra by Digi Yatra Foundation
An initiative by Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) and Digi Yatra Foundation that enables a Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel (BEST) experience based on Facial Recognition System (FRS). DigiYatra aims to provide contactless and automatic processing of passengers' identity at key check points such as Airport Entry and Security Check.
Flight Departure Guide departure
Ensuring a seamless journey for every passenger at Delhi Airport with complete flight information.
Guidelines for Arriving Passengers arrival
We promise you a hassle-free experience with our handy On-Arrival guide.
Transit Passenger Guide transit
Experience a seamless transit! Explore the services at Delhi Airport with our handy guide.
Guidelines for first time flyer arrival
Make the best out of your flying experience with an easy guide from Delhi Airport!
Security and Baggage Advice

Please check the information concerning the carriage / prohibited items on board.


To know about the commonly asked queries, please check our FAQ's section.

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