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Your Face is your
new Boarding pass

Note: Operational at All Gates of Domestic Departure
Terminal 3 | Terminal 2

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DigiYatra: A Contactless Air Travel Solution

DigiYatra is an industry-led initiative that uses facial recognition technology to make terminal entry & security clearance at the airport a seamless, hassle-free, and paperless process. DigiYatra is a decentralised mobile-based ID storage platform where air travellers can save their IDs and travel documents.

Introduced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) and DigiYatra Foundation, this platform is the next step towards creating a digitally empowered society. The future of air travel, DigiYatra enables the automatic digital processing of flyers with the benefit of reduced wait time and makes the boarding process faster and more seamless. DigiYatra is built on four pillars, including connected passengers, connected flying, connected airports, and connected systems, and ensures easy entry at all checkpoints.


DigiYatra App

Register on your Smart Phone

Enrolment Process

Single Use DigiYatra

Register at Terminal Entry

Enrolment Process
DigiYatra App

Step 1

Download the DigiYatra App by Digi Yatra Foundation from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and register using your mobile number and OTP.

Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number

Step 2

Link your Identity Credentials using DigiLocker or Aadhaar.

Verify your Aadhaar using OTP

Note: Linking COWIN is optional.

Step 3

Take a selfie picture when prompted and upload onto the app.

Note: Ensure that your picture is clear and has no obstructions.

Step 4

Update your Boarding Pass on the DigiYatra App and share with the departure airport.

Boarding Pass

Note: Ensure that your name in the boarding pass, flight ticket and Aadhaar are same.

Single Use DigiYatra

Step 1

Register at Super Fast DigiYatra kiosk

Scan your boarding pass

Register your face

Step 2

Complete registration at CISF manned desk

Show Govt. approved ID proof

CISF approves the registration

Avail DigiYatra benefits by following these simple steps

Note: All 3 steps are mandatory in sequence.

We at Delhi Airport thank all the users for
showing interest in DigiYatra

Questions in mind?


DigiYatra is an initiative of MOCA & Digi Yatra Foundation. It provides a Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel (BEST) experience based on Facial Recognition System (FRS). It aims to provide contactless identification of passengers at key check points like; Airport Entry, Security Check and Boarding Gate.

All domestic passengers departing from Terminal 3 by any airline can download the DigiYatra App by Digi Yatra Foundation and register for a seamless travel experience at the airport.

With this technology, passengers' entry to the Airport, pre-security check area and Boarding Gates would be automatically processed based on facial recognition system (FRS). The process would be significantly faster and seamless as each passenger would need less than 3 seconds at every touchpoint. Your face will be your boarding pass, acting as your documents, like ID proof, etc. The technology is also integrated with the Airlines Departure Control System, so only authenticated passengers will be able to enter the terminal.

The DigiYatra App by Digi Yatra Foundation is presently available on both Google Play Store (for Android platform) and App Store (for iOS platform).

Yes, the DigiYatra App has been launched on both Play Store and App Store.

Download the DigiYatra App from Play Store (Android) and follow the below steps:

  • 1. Register using your phone number and OTP.
  • 2. Link your Aadhaar credentials using Digi Locker. Or Use Aadhar number to register.
  • 3. Register on Digi Locker, if not already registered, with Aadhaar.
  • 4. Take a selfie with good photo clarity and validate it with your Aadhaar and save credentials.

It is suggested to ensure that the full name on your Boarding Pass is same as your Aadhaar name.

No. In case you are not registered with Digi Locker, register yourself using your Aadhaar number.

You can register onto the DigiYatra App but have your Aadhaar linked mobile number with you. (OTP will be sent to the linked mobile number)

At the time of registering for DY, passengers will have to provide the mobile number which is linked with their Adhaar card. As a part of registration,an OTP is sent to the passenger's mobile number.

Yes. You can register for DY even if your number was not given at the time of ticket booking. Passengers registering for DY will have to provide the mobile number which is linked with their Adhaar card. As a part of registration, an OTP is sent to the passenger's mobile number.

Yes. You can register on DigiYatra application without web / Mobile Check-in. However to share travel details with airport, you must check-in on airline website, generate boarding pass and link boarding pass details by scanning or uploading it in DigiYatra App.

The name on the boarding pass and Adhaar card should match

You can avail seamless travel via DigiYatra only if you are traveling domestically via Terminal 3. The DigiYatra E-Gate is currently available at departure entry gate Number 2A of the terminal.

1. Scan Bar code of your Boarding Pass in the App and share with the Delhi Airport before the flight and get confirmation or

2. Upload your Boarding Pass from your mobile on the app before the flight and get confirmation.

3. Make sure to carry your physical/mobile Boarding Pass for scanning at the Airport.

After you arrive at the terminal -3, you may proceed to departure entry E-Gate number 2A. You are required to scan your physical or Mobile boarding pass and look into the Facial Recognition System (FRS) camera installed on the E-Gate. The system will validate your ID and travel document with the backend and after validation, the E-gate will open to allow you inside the Airport.

Yes. If you need help with the DigiYatra App registration process, please contact the dedicated Help Desk at Terminal 3 opposite departure Gate No. 2A, operating between 10am and 6pm.

Once you arrive at the security check E-Gate, you will have to once again look into the FRS (Facial Recognition System) camera installed on the E-Gate. The system will validate your ID and travel documents. Post validation, the E-Gate will open to allow you in for security check. Then follow the normal procedure to clear security for boarding the aircraft.

Yes. The helpline numbers for Delhi Airport are 0124 - 4797311 / 0124 - 6838400.

DigitYatra Support


Delhi Airport

0124 - 4797311 / 0124 - 6838400

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