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About Art: VITAAN

This artwork represents the enthusiasm of the people upon the return of King Rama after his fourteen years of exile, symbolizing the cultural essence of our nation. Rama endured immense hardships during these years of exile. Throughout this time, he not only faced natural calamities but also confronted the creation and havoc caused by demons. The entire populace remained eagerly awaiting Rama's victory and his return home, which filled them with joy. Furthermore, this artwork also signifies the diverse and beautiful tapestry of our country's culture. It encapsulates our joys, sorrows, traditions, humor, compassion, and generosity. Just as we welcome King Rama, we also welcome Mother Sita. We are so resilient that we do not falter in any circumstance. We possess the skill to embrace all. We walk hand in hand with nature. Every inhabitant of nature is our friend. Water, forest, and land are our ancestors. We live at the confluence of religion and science. Indeed, we sometimes feel anxious, which is why we turn the flag of religion into a sword. Today, we are soaring high on the world stage. Tomorrow will come, and we will continue to sing and dance in ecstasy. These colors, this enthusiasm, and this joy will remain. Every breath of life will continue to flow in the air. Red, green, black, yellow, and blue. This blue sky will keep lifting us like the clouds. Red, yellow, and blue are intertwined with our souls, and the interesting thing is that nature is also filled with these colors. Look, even the sun accompanies us with these three colors at different times. With all the fire within, one often becomes fragile in one's own existence. From our guru, we humans have learned to live in every color, shine in every circumstance, and wear all the colors. We welcome you to our realm.

About the Artist: SATYENDRA RANE

Satyendra Rane is a passionate artist driven by a deep commitment to social causes and a strong desire to nurture emerging talents. With an unwavering dedication to guiding and fostering artistic potential, he actively cultivates platforms for artists to gain recognition and support from patrons. Despite his demanding career as a painter, Satyendra Rane remains enthusiastic about educating young children and fellow artists. An annual highlight in the art world is the "SahayogArt Exhibition," orchestrated by Satyendra Rane, which takes place at the prestigious "Jehangir Art Gallery" and "Coomaraswamy Hall" in Mumbai. This renowned event brings together artists from various corners of India, facilitating a vibrant exchange of artistic expressions. Notably, a portion of the proceeds from art sales at this exhibition contributes to meaningful charitable endeavors. Satyendra Rane's artistic reach extends far and wide, with his captivating paintings having graced exhibitions both within the country and on international platforms. His work has been prominently displayed at eminent venues such as the Jehangir Art Gallery, Bajaj Art Gallery, Doha Cultural Festival, Max Muller Bhavan, Modern Art Gallery, The Bombay Art Society of India and many more. Beyond his remarkable achievements in the realm of visual art, Satyendra Rane has also left his mark as a director in the realm of animation. His creative vision came to life in two short animation films. "Merry Kismet," one of his directorial works, earned recognition by being selected for screening at the TASI Film Festival in 2009. Another of his endeavors, titled "Happy New Year," adds to his diverse portfolio of artistic accomplishments. Proposal.

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