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Terminal 1 Artwork

Discover unparalleled artistic elegance on your journey through Delhi Airport.
Sound Of Silence
Artist: Paresh Maity
Brass and Copper Alloy installation of 4000 bells, 12 x 6 x 8.5 feet, 2016
Standing at a regal height, the resplendent sculpture titled ‘Sound of Silence’ is a composition intricately woven from the ethereal essence of brass bells.
Life’s Journey
Artist: Paresh Maity
Oil and acrylic on Fiberglass, 7 x 9.25 x 2.75 feet (each), 2015
The pair of white elephants in oil and acrylic has been created in a colourful, expressive and emotive manner. They encapsulate a gamut of human emotions: love, harmony, closeness and intimacy.
Artist: Paresh Maity
Fiberglass, (Left) 12 x 8 x 5.5 feet, (Right) 12 x 6 x 5.5 feet, 2015
This pair of sculptures, Sanyog depicts the rich architectural history of the India through several iconic monuments. Made of fiberglass, the sculptures depict painted forms of human faces, birds, geometric figures among other motifs that dominate Paresh Maity’s work.
Artist: S.A.Vimalanathan
In contemporary contexts, the idea of raising Kundalini energy often involves practices from Kundalini Yoga, a form of yoga that combines physical postures,breathwork, mantra chanting and meditation to awaken and elevate this dormant spiritual energy.
Artist: Kavitha Prasad
Foreground - A contemporary expression of the elements Encapsulated within India’s epic heritage, are mysteries of the elements of nature brought together in symbiotic continuity from the microcosm to the infinite.
Ancient Murals Of India
Artist: Gita Hudson
India’s ancient temples have a rich history of murals and paintings on walls and ceilings, celebrating the divine nature in splendorous forms. This painting is inspired by studies of art traditions from the period 850 CE to 1850 CE.
Artist: Sai Kiran
Cheriyal, an ancient art form originating from Telangana, India, captivates with its vibrant colours and intricate narrative style. Skilled artisans meticulously paint tales from mythology and folklore onto cloth canvases, using natural dyes and bold strokes to bring each scene to life.
Artist: Satyendra Rane
This artwork represents the enthusiasm of the people upon the return of King Rama after his fourteen years of exile, symbolizing the cultural essence of our nation. Rama endured immense hardships during these years of exile.
Rama Pattabhishekham
Artist: K.Siva Prasad Reddy
In the enchanting realm of Kalamkari artwork, an ancient Indian tradition renowned for its intricate beauty and masterful storytelling, every stroke of the brush weaves a narrative that transcends time and space.
Artist: Sukanta Das
The meaning of the individual words of sat-chit-ananda are as follows: Sat: Truth, absolute being or existence– that which is enduring and unchanging. Chit: Consciousness, understanding and comprehension. Ananda: Bliss, a state of pure happiness, joy and pleasure SATCHITANANDA – The one who understands the absolute truth about consciousness, attains a state of pure joy.
Temples Of India
Artist: Gita Hudson
Temple Towers of IndiaThe artist has painted three major temples towersform different regions of Indiain a semi abstract style exploring colour, texture and lines not as layers but integral to one anotherThe Hindutemple Architecture has evolved over centuries from rock cut sculpturesand shrines to grand ornate temples which spread across the Indian subcontinent.
Artist: S.A. Vimalanathan
Delhi, historically referred to as Dilli, stands as a city adorned with a remarkable tapestry of historical monuments that narrate tales of a regal past.
Artist: Jayant Hubli
In the vibrant strokes of my Kamadhenu painting, I seek to capture a contemporary interpretation of this ancient symbol.
Dariya Ki Devi Vahanvati Shikotar
Artist: Jagdish Waghibhai Chitara
Goddess Vahanvati is also known as Sikotar Mata. The Goddess is closely associated with the sea, commerce, and traders. She is revered by seafarers and is frequently depicted sitting on a boat with outstretched sails.
Vahanvati Shikotar Ma
Artist: Jagdish Waghibhai Chitara
In the sacred tradition of Mata ni Pachedi, the artist's journey unfolds like a colorful narrative woven into the fabric of devotion. Commissioned during the auspicious Navratri, the artist's hands move with reverence and skill, painting the divine story upon the canvas of cloth.
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