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Temple Towers of IndiaThe artist has painted three major temples towersform different regions of Indiain a semi abstract style exploring colour, texture and lines not as layers but integral to one anotherThe Hindutemple Architecture has evolved over centuries from rock cut sculpturesand shrines to grand ornate temples which spread across the Indian subcontinent. The Temple architecture is known for precision and harmonious geometry, soaring towers. The three major styles of temple architecture are Nagara, Dravida and Vesara. The Nagara style is found in Northern India and the Dravida style is found in Southern India. Vesara is a combination of these two. The Somnath Temple: Soma means moon and this is a holy place for the pilgrims and is one of the most revered sites along the seacoast of India. Chalukya king is believed to have built this in the 9th century. Konark Sun Temple: This temple dedicated to the Sun God Surya was built in the 13th century in Odisha by the Ganga dynasty.This temple complex is more than 100 feet high and is decorated on all sides by wheels and horses, like a chariot. Also known as Surya devalaya,this is the classic illustration of Odisha style of architecture. Thanjavur Big Temple: This 11th century Dravidian style temple showcasing Chola architecture was built by King Rajaraja, and is one of the largest temple complexes in India. The temple now stands in the midst of fortified walls which were added later during the 16th century.

About The Artist: Gita Hudson

Artist I Filmmaker I Curator Trained in Art with a Master’s degree in Psychology, Gita’s works have been part of many exhibitions since early 90’s. Highly influenced by temple art and Indian sensibilities, her paintings are semi-abstract with the suggestion of a female form,architecture, musical instruments, or some combination of these elements. She has more than 20 solo exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions to her credit. She has been part of many art seminars and art camps around the globe. Her international shows were in London, South Africa, South Korea and at the Gandhi Memorial Centre in Washington DC. Gita’s documentaries on artists have been screened in important film festivals. Gita Hudson as curator for Dakshinachitra, a Heritage Museum in Chennai has organised several National and International Art exhibits.

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