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In the vibrant strokes of my Kamadhenu painting, I seek to capture a contemporary interpretation of this ancient symbol. Beyond the confines of religious dogma, my artwork embraces Kamadhenu as a universal emblem of abundance and prosperity that transcends cultural boundaries.In a world marked by diverse beliefs and aspirations, Kamadhenu becomes a visual storyteller, narrating tales of resilience, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of all life. The sacred cow, now a metaphorical muse, embodies the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth, encouraging us to cherish and protect our planet.As I wield my brushes, I reimagine Kamadhenu not just as a wish-fulfilling entity but as a symbol of empowerment and social harmony. The painting explores the fusion of tradition and modernity, where the cow's divine grace is reflected in the kaleidoscope of contemporary colors, echoing the dynamism of our evolving world.The canvas becomes a canvas of hope, inviting viewers to reflect on their own desires for a prosperous future. Through this artwork, I aim to spark conversations about sustainability, abundance, and the universal quest for a better tomorrow. In a time where interconnectedness is more vital than ever, Kamadhenu emerges as a timeless muse, inviting us to celebrate the richness of life while inspiring positive change.

About the Artist: Jayant Hubli

Awards: Runner-up at the worldwide painting competition, organized by Winsor Newton – 1997. The prestigious Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Award from the Govt. of Karnataka – 2003. Mysore Dasara Award 2014. A small note on the artiste: At ease with a variety of mediums, Jayant draws his inspiration from the myriad natural patterns around him. Water colors, oil, charcoal, wood, acrylic, clay and plaster of Paris give way to his natural instincts and free flowing lines. A Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Winner (2003), Jayant pursues art. with an eye for the unusual, as can be seen in his creation on waste plywood pieces

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