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India’s ancient temples have a rich history of murals and paintings on walls and ceilings, celebrating the divine nature in splendorous forms. This painting is inspired by studies of art traditions from the period 850 CE to 1850 CE. As a contemporary artist, Gita has been creating a series of paintings under the title ‘Murals revisited ‘to preserve ancient art forms and the artistic spirit that informs them as modern renditions. These canvases bring a fresh tone, depth and texture to these forms of yore, giving them a renewed context for the present and the future. Ancient symbols and icons of India are camouflaged to make a visual vocabulary. Originally these murals were painted with natural pigments and had a limited palette. The artist has used earth tones, loaded with crimson and Indian yellow.

The images in this mural combine musical instruments and musicians of the Vijayanagar and Maratha Kingdoms, from the16th century onwards. This series of paintings is considered as a humble contribution to the conservation of disappearing art forms, a way of restoring a part of our glorious past by paying a tribute to the unknown masters of a bygone era.

About The Artist: Gita Hudson

Artist I Filmmaker I Curator Trained in Art with a Master’s degree in Psychology, Gita’s works have been part of many exhibitions since early 90’s. Highly influenced by temple art and Indian sensibilities, her paintings are semi-abstract with the suggestion of a female form,architecture, musical instruments, or some combination of these elements. She has more than 20 solo exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions to her credit. She has been part of many art seminars and art camps around the globe. Her international shows were in London, South Africa, South Korea and at the Gandhi Memorial Centre in Washington DC. Gita’s documentaries on artists have been screened in important film festivals. Gita Hudson as curator for Dakshinachitra, a Heritage Museum in Chennai has organised several National and International Art exhibits.

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