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It's a Breeze

Blazing sun, spiralling mercury and streaming sweat - summer brings forth woes that are seemingly endless. But then one can look as cool as a cucumber equipped with the right clothes. From fabrics to colours, textures and the cuts, the designers, too, are making sure that you look hot and feel cool.

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Well of eternity

Dialogue traces back the lost waters of Delhi and wonders if they can still be recharged amid the modern debate of rainwater harvesting and conservation.

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The Living Maya

Dhruv Bogra discovers that life in Guatemala has progressed beyond the genocide and war to encompass beauty, culture and warm-heartedness.

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Two States of Minds

They both got off the blocks together seven years ago and through their individual journeys and as co-stars, they are frontlining the new star brigade in the Hindi film industry. Yet Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt have shown that they would rather be uneasy than comfortable, challenging their abilities in fresh stories, walking the untrodden path and taking risks in non-commercial projects. In the process, they have not given up on the mass entertainers, respecting them enough to justify their existence and subtly changing the grammar even within that format. In Kalank, the two actors attempt a classical romance with their unique brand of chemistry and contemporary understanding. Offscreen, they are grounded and focussed individuals with definitive and differing worldviews and craft. They represent the fresh breath of every young Indian in their desire to reset every known template with their individual talent. By Rinku Ghosh.

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