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Delhi's Gully Boys

Rap from Trans-Yamuna has been setting off a subterranean social revolution with powerful lyrics about the human condition and solace, says Saimi Sattar.

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Holisome health

Who can imagine Holi without its rainbow colours, unbridled cheer, wild merry-making, awakening sips of thandai and its crunchy snacks? Yet as Delhiites are battling lifestyle diseases, such indulgence is not a great way to start the season by piling up calories. Tough times call for smart tweaks. So all you need to do is pack your plate with bakes, dumplings, low fat milk and healthy substitutes for the mawa.

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Every Flower is soul blossoming in nature

This quote best sums up Delhi's spring which is awash with blooms of every colour and cluster, the city's greens dotted with flaming bursts, inside gardens, skirting pavements and along verges. If indulgence could ever be measured, then it is in these few days that the Creator splurges us with his generosity. DIALOGUE takes you out on a sunny walk.

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Paint my wall

An art project engages the community on social causes such as women empowerment, climate change, waste management, upcycling and other pertinent issues by adding colour to drab facades. In the process, it democratises and diversifies citizens. Photos by Pankaj Kumar.

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They took the cockpit by storm

'Flying is the best possible thing for women,' said Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France, the first licensed woman pilot, who received it on March 8, 1910. Aviation today has become a space where women can work without prejudice. And it is one sector where India is double the global average.

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Red letter day

March 2017 was a historic month for women in Indian aviation, For a feisty group led and guided the world’s longest non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco and back, circumnavigating the globe in the process. DIALOGUE rewinds the experience.

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