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She is her own hero

Fresh from Winning accolades for her raw and real portrayal of Shalini in the web series, Leila, actor Huma Qureshi tells Saimi Sattar that women need to show greater resolve and stand up for themselves.

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Rain Song

There is something about monsoon which always reminds Indians of romance. That’s because of its balmy touch after a searingly hot and parched summer. Of course, the city tends to get jammed up but even then, the brief showers in Delhi are nothing short of a celebration when children and adults get drenched, couples make a beeline for cafes and friends head out on long drives while families bond over fried savouries. DIALOgue lists the best ideas to feel the rain on your fingertips.

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Postcards from a Hilltop

While most tourists whizz past Langza, Gustasp and Jeroo Irani discover the charms of this remote and timeless area.

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The heart of the ocean

Thailand is now opening up its eastern seaboard and encouraging tourists to become one with local communities and absorb their culture. Rinku Ghosh just about circles around tourist hotspots, discovers the hidden jewels of Na Jomtien, Rayong and Koh Samet and freeze-frames moments that are more than just the beach.

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