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Air Suvidha is a contactless solution by Ministry of Civil Aviation and Delhi Airport for all international passengers coming to India. It is a Self Declaration and Exemption Form Portal for International arriving passengers.

These forms are created for all International arriving passengers to India.

All International arriving passengers are required to fill the self-declaration form as mandated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Air Suvidha is an online system for International passengers to submit mandatory Self-Declaration Form to declare their current health status. This form is mandatory and should be filled anytime before boarding.

Yes, a printed report is provided to passengers taking the RT-PCR test at Delhi Airport

Please note, ​​​​​​​passenger has an option to change the time slots as well Date which is already provided on the RT-PCR Web Portal. You may click on the link - and select the change booking schedule option

Domestic departing passengers from Delhi Airport can also avail  RT-PCR Testing facility located at Entry Gate no. 8 in the Departure Forecourt area.

The immigration process comes before RT-PCR testing.

Passengers can make cash (only INR) payment or by credit/debit card (incl. international cards) at the counter upon arrival.

As per the state rules of Karnataka, Kerala, and Odisha, all asymptomatic passengers will undergo home quarantine. All asymptomatic passengers having the first airport of entry located in these states, have to undergo 14 days mandatory home quarantine. Hence, the exemption is not required.

The date of journey would be of the first flight from the country of origin towards to first port of entry into India.

You may show the PDF received on the phone, however, we recommend you carry a physical print out as well.

We have bio bins to dispose off the masks and PPE kits placed inside the airport

Yes, Self Declaration form has to be mandatorily filled by all international arriving passengers.

There is no cut-off time limit for the self-declaration form. It can be filled anytime before boarding. However, it is encouraged that you fill it well in advance.

On submission, the mandatory self- declaration application will be forwarded to the Airport Health Organization (APHO) under the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Passengers can then refer to their email inbox for the updated application document. Passenger should show this document on arrival in India at the APHO counter and proceed for immigration.s

On submission of the form, an acknowledgement with a unique reference number will be send to the applicant's registered email Id. Govt. health officials will confirm the status (Approval or Rejection ) of your application through email . State Authorities at the first port of entry will review exemption requests of all international arriving passengers.

Delhi Airport is just facilitating all international arriving passengers on behalf of MOCA in routing their applications on to the right govt authority. Final decision on the same is taken only by the concerned govt authority.

This is applicable to all international arrivals in India.

All flights of GoAir will arrive & depart from Terminal - 2.
IndiGo Airline flight series 2000 will operate from Terminal - 2.

The check-in for GoAir flight passengers is at Row - C.

The check-in for Indigo flight passengers is at Rows - E & F.

For contactless e-boarding, 22 Kiosks have been installed at various points - from the entry gate to boarding gate.

All measures of social distancing and baggage disinfection are in place.

Deep cleaning of 45,000 square meter Terminal - 2 is carried out 24*7. A team of 162 housekeeping personnel have been deployed to ensure a clean and sanitized terminal for passengers round the clock. The staff is thermally screened and checked for symptoms before they begin their day.

Regular sanitization of high contact surfaces; such as desks, chairs, elevators, railings, CUSS, trolleys, handles, trays, baggage belts, etc. is carried out. Apart from these, washrooms are closed after every hour to sanitize all its surfaces through both UV tower and regular cleaning.

The air inside the terminal is regulated and cleaned. A system is in place that draws air inside the terminal into the Air Handling Unit (AHU), where it gets sanitized after passing through UV light and HEPA filters. This systems replaces air inside the terminal every 10 minutes.

Apart from these, DIAL also has facilities to isolate passengers who are suspected to have COVID-19 symptoms as per the government directions.


  • 10 Scan & Fly and 3 CUSS kiosks will be available for passengers for web check-in before entering the terminal
  • About 10 e-boarding kiosks have been installed at the entry gates to establish a contactless process for boarding
  • Arrangements have been made for thermal scanning of passengers as per Government guidelines

  • To avoid close contact and crowding at the counters, passengers are encouraged to use the e-boarding facility
  • About 10 e-boarding kiosks have been set up at the entry gates, 8 at the main security hold area (SHA) and 4 at the Express Check-in lane, which would be operational after a few weeks
  • The SHA has been expanded to make adequate seating arrangements and retail options
  • Alongside, UV Tunnels have been deployed at every dispatch baggage belt in the departure area for sanitization of check-in bags

  • Alignment of queues to ensure social distance among CISF personnel and passengers
  • Deployment of queue managers, floor markings and allocation of alternate seats, installation of automatic hand sanitizer at various places
  • Tray disinfection SOP for passengers’ safety will be maintained
  • Auto dispensing sanitizer machines have been kept for passengers to use after security checks
  • Contact-less Retail and F&B Options
  • After security checks, passengers will move to SHA, where they can access food court, lounges, and retail shops. Social distance markings have been put in food courts, lifts, seats etc.
  • Strict & stringent SOP would be maintained for Food and Beverage (F&B) shops, lounges, retail shops to ensure safety and hygiene
  • Passengers are encouraged to download HOI app, a dedicated AI-enabled app for Delhi and Hyderabad airports, for contact-less food ordering service
  • Passengers can also use the self-ordering kiosk at the food court to avoid queuing. Digital payment and the digital menu would be encouraged to minimize human contact

  • Passengers are requested not to use seats with cross marks to ensure social distance
  • Queue managers would be deployed at boarding & bus gates

  • Arrival forecourt has been revamped with the pathway, connecting T2 and T3, widened for transfer passengers and airport express line passengers
  • Buggy services will be available for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and senior citizens commuting between T3 and T2
  • Social distance markings have been put up at various places inside the terminal. These include aerobridges, piers, lifts, travellators, around baggage belts, all transport waiting areas, etc. Also, the provision of hand sanitizers at the exit of passenger bridges /bus gate arrival area has been made.
  • Additional seating arrangement has been made for waiting passengers
  • Visitors’ entry into the terminal will remain suspended temporarily
  • To encourage compliance of social distancing norms at the airport, DIAL has deployed additional queue managers at kerb side (city side), check-in halls, security check areas and boarding gates, with social distance marks.
  • DIAL will encourage all passengers to wear masks and maintain social distance at all times, to ensure their safety and well-being.

Indira Gandhi International Airport has the following terminals:
Terminal 1D
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Cargo Terminal

Answer 1.Name of Airline operating from each terminal

Name of Terminal Status Departure/Arrival Airline Operating
Terminal 1D Domestic Departure IndiGo, SpiceJet
Terminal 2 Domestic Departures and Arrivals Go Air, Indigo(Sectors: Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Raipur, Srinagar, Udaipur, Vadodara, Vishakhapatnam) and Spicejet (Sectors: Ahmedabad, Cochin, Goa, Gorakhpur, Patna, Pune, Surat)
Terminal 3 Integrated (Domestic + International) Departures and Arrivals Air India, Alliance Air, Jet Airways, Vistara, Air Asia and all International Airlines

Please arrive 90 minutes prior to departure of your domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for your international flights.

An unaccompanied minor is a child without the presence of a legal guardian. This term is used in immigration law and in airline policies. The specific definition varies from country to country and from airline to airline. Please check with the airline for further information.

For the privacy of mothers who wish to nurse their infants, a well-equipped Child Care Lounge with toys, baby cot is available at all terminals.

The airport is Wi-Fi enabled. A valid Indian mobile number is required to access the internet.

The Holiday Inn Express New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel is conveniently located within the airport's sleek new Terminal3. Click here for booking Other airport has a self-contained aero city located two kms away from the terminals. A selection of accommodation is provided. Please book directly with the hotels.

Delhi Airport is well equipped to provide services to passengers/patrons with reduced mobility and special needs, click to know more

In most cases it is safe for women, with a normal pregnancy, to travel by air. However, it is best to check with your doctor before you plan your travel.

Passengers holding a valid ticket to travel within the next 24 hours can access the visitors lounge at T3 through Gate 1 and Gate 8. Please note that visitor entry to terminals and lounges may be restricted without prior notice due to security or operational reasons.

Foreign Exchange counters and ATMs are available at all terminals of Indira Gandhi International Airport.

You are required to carry a doctor's prescription for medicines that are to be carried on board. Passengers are advised to get in touch with their respective airlines regarding the same.

All the unclaimed property found in the terminals & its vicinity are deposited in the Office of Airport Manager of respective terminal. Within 24 hours, lost property is deposited in Materials Management Department of the airport. The claimant should carry a photo-copy of their boarding card/ticket & an original government issued identification card to collect the property from the airport. You may address your concern on lost items to

Inter terminal transfer coaches are provided which connect passengers between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1D . A Inter Terminal Transfer Helpdesk is located outside the arrival terminals for assistance.

Please log on to and share your feedback/ suggestions

Yes, vehicles are permitted only for active loading and unloading of passengers. Vehicles left unattended at the curb will be towed and fined.

In an effort to keep the environment clean, all terminals at Indira Gandhi International Airport provide dedicated smoking lounges. These lounges are located inside the terminals, after security screening. Smoking in any other area is prohibited.

In the event of a medical emergency, well trained doctors and paramedics are available from the emergency treatment centre run by Medanta Hospital, the Medicity. These doctors and paramedics are available round the clock.

The Medanta Medical Centres are equipped with emergency treatment centre for passengers & visitors alike. Ambulances are provided to cater to any severe medical emergency. Medanta Medical facility is available at T-1, T-2 and T-3. Fortis Medical Facility is also available at T-3.

The Left Luggage Facility is available in T3 and is located in the Multi Car Parking Facility, across from the terminal.

Kindly contact the airline you have flown and register a complaint with them. It is the airlines responsibility to assist in such a matter.

Each airline has a definitive guideline with regards to baggage. Kindly contact your airline for all questions related to carry on and or check in baggage.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is displayed on the homepage of our website, which provides the latest updates regarding the arrival and departure of all scheduled flights. Flight information can also be obtained by contacting the airline directly. However, if you wish, you may contact our call center on +91-124-4797300. Call center service is available 24 hours 7 days in a week.

Self driven cars can be parked at the Multi Level Car Park located across from Terminal 3 and the Surface Car Park located across from Terminal 1. Please click to check all details pertaining to parking at the airport.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is very well connected with the City and National Capital Region (NCR). Passenger can reach airport through Taxi, City Bus and Metro Rail.Please check the link below:

You may register a complaint regarding the defective/damaged good purchase against the shop from where you made your purchase.You may also lodge a complaint by sending a detailed mail to

All shops at the airport accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Please click the link to find out the jobs available with Delhi International Airport Ltd.
GMR Group does not appoint agents to make job offers on behalf of the company.
Please report such instances to


Yes and can use below currency also to buy the goods from Duty Free shops
  • USD
  • Euros
  • INR
  • Sterling pound

Yes, but according to the guidelines of the countries

Its depends on the specific requirements of the countries you are travelling.

Please click the link to find customs related information


Fog can be considered as a low-lying cloud of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air above ground level which causes obstruction to visibility. It is a common phenomenon during the winter season in Delhi mid-December to February and impact airport operations to a great extent.

Delhi IGI Airport has state-of-art CAT IIIB Instrument landing systems equipped on Runways 11, 29 and 28. These systems are the most advanced of its class and provide the guidance required for pilots to land an aircraft in low visibility conditions. While the equipment are available at airport, it also requires aircraft to be equipped on board and pilot to be trained to utilize these systems, ie; be CAT IIIB compliant. Most modern aircraft are CAT IIIB compliant and Airlines are required to roster CATIIIB qualified pilots during fog.

Although aircraft and airport technology is continually evolving, operations during fog is limited to an extent. There is a minimum visibility required for pilots to safely land an aircraft in dense fog. Aircraft can land in up to 50 m RVR (Runway Visual Range) and normally take off if RVR is above 125 m. Take off can also take place if RVR is above 75 m if aircraft is equipped with approved lateral guidance system.

Occasionally, the RVR at runway drops below 125m, which normally is minima for most of the aircrafts to depart but is above 50m, (minimum to land). Thus aircrafts wait for take off until there is improvement to the required level of RVR. However arriving aircrafts can land up to visibilities of 50m with the help of CAT IIIB ILS systems at IGI Airport.

The Meteorological department of the Govt. of India issues advance cues about the probability of fog However accuracy of advance notification of fog has been challenge worldwide.

Airline schedules are dependent on aircrafts arriving and departing on time. Any disruption to this close knit operation will result in cascading effect to the entire network, flyers missing connecting flights, havoc to ground resource planning (stands and airfield) and stress to personnel trying to get flyers moving. This leads to Airports being overcrowded, customer service challenges and overall stress on the infrastructure.

One of the most frustrating aspects of air travel is a delay caused by inclement weather, in particular fog. The frustration is shared by airports, airlines and its ground handlers. Airlines may face several issues with fog causing delayed incoming aircraft, departure restrictions, aircraft taxiing issues, logistics hindrances etc. Also weather at destination is crucial. Even if an aircraft is able to depart in bad weather, it must be equally safe for it to land at its destination airport affected by weather. It is in the interest of rationale or passenger safety that flights are cancelled or delayed. Airlines provide options to passengers as per their individual policies based on Govt. guidelines.

In the first instance, you must always contact your airline for information on flight arrivals and departures. When there is fog impact, airlines usually combine flights on a larger aircraft or reallocate aircraft operating a specific flight. Customers should check flight status before starting from home in case of fog. Passenger are also advised to maintain calm and cooperate with Airport staff who does their best in handling the challenge imposed on them by mother nature.

Fog trends are dynamic. Flight operations are to a large extent determined by this trend. Aircrafts often wait their time out either hovering above or on ground to land or take off as and when an opportunity arises. Since the intensity and lifting time are difficult to predict, all stakeholders are asked to be ready to utilize favorable conditions when they occur.

You could try the various Food and Beverage and retail options available at the terminals. There are rest and shower facilities also available at the international terminal. Airlines delegate personnel to address your queries and concerns. Also our professional Terminal team would be happy to reach out to help you.

All Airlines provide options to their passengers on what they can do if their flight is cancelled as per Individual airline policies varying from rebooking, refunding or providing alternate modes of transport. Passengers can avail these solutions as considered best....
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