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World Tourism Day - Discover the Wonders of India through Delhi Airport | #BharatDELse

World Tourism Day - Discover the Wonders of India through Delhi Airport | #BharatDELse

26 September 2022

Travel ensures a fun and pleasurable experience for tourists. It helps build new connections and create new memories you can fondly glance back upon even when the trip is over. While some people connect travel with the peace experienced upon witnessing a sacred site, others relate it with the thumping sound their hearts create when they undertake adventure tourism. 

So, to celebrate the thrill and happiness that exploring new destinations brings to our lives, we celebrate 27th September as World Tourism Day. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has declared 'Rethinking Tourism' as the event's theme this year. So, in keeping with these lines, today we will rethink tourism in India as we explore some beautiful destinations located in the country via Delhi Airport, #BharatDELse!

Discovering India through Delhi Airport

India is every traveller's paradise and home to several beautiful gems hidden in different corners of the country. If you visit its East corner, you can witness the beauty of nature in full bloom, while a tour of the West gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the rich culture and heritage of the nation. While visiting the North, you can participate in some thrilling adventure activities and in the South, you can pay your respects at some of the wealthiest temples in the world. All these reasons make travelling to India a wholesome and complete experience. And the Delhi Airport makes this experience more worthwhile by ensuring a smooth and convenient journey for flyers.

Delhi Airport is well-connected to several Indian tourist destinations and has flights to every corner of the country. It connects 70+ destinations, so you can visit any state or be a witness to the awe-inspiring beauty of any monument located in India. It is advised for travellers going on a long-distance journey to book connecting flights via Delhi Airport because indirect flights typically have a better frequency than direct airplanes. Also, flying via Delhi Airport ensures hassle-free layovers as tourists can book their stay at the airport hotel itself.

Another reason why tourists are advised to travel via Delhi Airport is that it is economical. While direct occupational flights are expensive, frequent connecting flights are known to be way cheaper. Thus, the Delhi Airport supports travellers in discovering the wonders of India in a hassle-free and inexpensive manner.

Destinations to Explore This World Tourism Day 

Travellers who want to take a trip to enjoy and relax on this World Tourism Day should head to these destinations:

1. Adventure Tourism

Tourists who love exploring locations outside of their comfort zones should undertake adventure tourism. They must head to some exciting destinations where they can go skydiving, scuba diving, hiking, sailing, trekking, or hill climbing. 

A few adventure locations travellers should add to their bucket list to check out as part of Bharat tourism are Manali for trekking, Miyar Valley for mountain climbing, Spiti for ice climbing, Mysore for sky diving, Lakshadweep for kite surfing, Rishikesh for camping, and Andaman for scuba diving. To reach all these destinations, you can catch flights from Delhi Airport.

2. Health and Wellness Tourism

Travel lovers are encouraged to undertake health and wellness tourism on this World Tourism Day to maintain life satisfaction through holistic treatments. The purpose is to ensure overall well-being by pursuing psychological, physical, and spiritual activities. It helps restore the flow of energy and promotes harmony.

Some destinations you can check out if you undertake health and wellness tourism include Rishikesh, Mysore, Goa, Shimla, Bengaluru, and Kovalam. All these places are dotted with spas and wellness centres where you can practise yoga and tai chi or get osteopathy and acupuncture therapies.

3. Religious Tourism

Going on religious tourism is advised for leisure travellers who have profound enthusiasm for exploring sacred sites. Interested tourists can undertake a pilgrimage or go on a tour of religious monuments and artefacts. 

Some religious tourist sites for which you can catch a flight from Delhi Airport are Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama; Prayagaraj, the meeting place of the three sacred rivers; Amritsar, which houses the holiest Gurudwara Golden Temple; Leh, near which Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is located; Varanasi, the adobe of Lord Shiva and Parvati; and Tawang, home to Tawang monastery.

4. Heritage Tourism

For lovers of history and literature, undertaking heritage tourism is recommended. It encourages leisure tourists to travel to locations where they can experience activities and artefacts that represent the people and stories of the past. Travellers come across natural, cultural, and historic resources as part of their journey during heritage tourism.

A few heritage destinations in India you can access via Delhi Airport include Amritsar, Varanasi, Shimla, Agra, Jaipur, Konark, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer. Visiting these sites will enrich your knowledge about the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

5. Wildlife Tourism

People who foster a love for flora and fauna should go on wildlife tourism. During the journey, tourists get a chance to interact with wildlife when animals are in their natural habitats. In addition, travellers get an opportunity to enjoy scenic beauty and a chance to learn more about wild animals. 

A few wonders you can explore during wildlife tourism are Sundarbans National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Sariska National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Nanda Devi National Park, Ranthambore National Park, and Bhitarkanika National Park. Flying to these locations via Delhi Airport will ensure a joyous and hassle-free journey for tourists.


This World Tourism Day, travel through Delhi Airport and explore the wonders of India. Undertake wildlife, religion, health and wellness, heritage, and adventure tourism and explore some beautiful Indian locations during your trip.

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