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Ways To Make Your Waiting Time in Airport Interesting

Ways To Make Your Waiting Time in Airport Interesting

20 Sep 2017

Waiting long hours in the airport is a boring experience especially if you are travelling alone. Frequent flyers or first timers, entertaining oneself for a few hours is quite a task. So, here are some ideas to make your wait in the airports fun and interesting.

Shopping therapy

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is filled with branded stores of different genres from apparels to liquor. It surely proves to be a shopper's paradise or a last minute saviour. Missed out gifts, travel essentials or impulsive buys, these shops fulfill all your needs. What is more enjoyable than spending your waiting time hopping from shop to shop and swiping your credit cards.

Spa time

A 15 minute foot massage or a full fledged spa session for a few thousand rupees is the elite way to start your vacation. A hectic business trip or a chilled out holiday deserves to be kick started with a relaxing spa session. Waiting hours turn into productive self pampering sessions with the luxury spas.

Cafes and bars

Coffees, couple of beers and chat with your friends can make hours seem like few minutes. If you are exhausted after all the shopping and want to have a quick meal, you can drop by at the food court and fine dining.

Sleeping pod

Have a meeting right after you land? Need to catch up on your sleep before that? The sleeping pod is the place just for you. Slide into one of the comfy soft beds and take a blissful nap before your hectic schedule. Book a pod


The Delhi airport lounge, Plaza Premium is an exclusive lounge area for you to relax and redeem your energy with shots of tequila after a long flight. You have an hour before your next flight? Want to have a hot bath before that? Then you know where to come. Book a Lounge

Delhi airport is one of the most customer friendly and interesting places to be in if you have a couple or more hours to wait. Make the best use of the time and enjoy the luxurious amenities they provide.

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