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Travelling during Summer Vacations? Try these Time-saving Airport Hacks!

Travelling during Summer Vacations? Try these Time-saving Airport Hacks!

15th May 2023

Airports are bustling hubs that connect different corners of the globe. They are your gateway to new regions, cultures, and languages and help you explore the world. Although, during the holiday season, these spaces can be busy and feel overwhelming, with better planning and preparations, you can make your airport experience smooth and hassle-free. A few hacks can help you navigate the facility with ease and help save time and energy so you can focus on enjoying travelling.

For first-time and frequent travellers planning a summer vacation, here are some tips to help you make the most of your airport experience.

Time-saving hacks to breeze through the airport

1. Check-in online

Checking in online for your flight is recommended as it means skipping the physical check-in queue at the airport. When travelling without luggage, you can print your boarding pass in advance and head straight to the aircraft after showing it to the airport authorities and going through the security check. Besides saving time, online check-in offers flyers the benefit of choosing or selecting seats.

Tip: After checking in online, get updates on your real-time flight status before leaving home for better time management.

2. Pack smartly

It is crucial to pack smartly to save precious minutes at the airport. While flying make sure to not pack any items that are not allowed in the check-in baggage to avoid any hassle and delay.

If you are going on a business or weekend trip, try to fit all your belongings in a handbag. Start with hacks such as placing socks in your shoes and rolling your tees and jeans to maximise space in your bag. Cables like mobile chargers and earphones can snugly fit into your sunglasses case. If you have a single piece of clothing that won’t fit in your hand luggage, consider layering instead of packing a new bag.

If you cannot fit all your belongings in the hand luggage and are travelling with many bags, consider using DIAL’s Excess Baggage Delivery Service to save money and time. The service ensures doorstep delivery of your excess bags.

3. Choose an overnight flight

Besides a promising view of the city, flying late at night or early in the morning can save time. It expedites the check-in process since the airport is usually less crowded during these hours. So, before booking a flight to your destination, check if you can book a seat on a flight that takes off after 10 pm or before 9 am. It will ensure you get to your gate faster.

4. Check the airport’s layout

Since every airport has a unique design, checking out the layout of the facility before leaving home is a good idea. Identifying the best route to your departure gate in advance can help you save a few precious minutes. Travellers flying from Delhi airport should check its layout to know which turns to take so they can make it in time for the take-off.

5. Head for the shortest security line

While this hack may seem like a no-brainer, most people do not bother to look around for the shortest line. On most occasions, the security line at the farthest edge of the terminal, which means the longest walk to the gate, is the least populated. Since it is out of the way, flyers avoid that queue. You can check which security line is shortest and will lead to minimised wait time with Delhi Airport’s live queue status tracker.

6. Pack in layers

Pack the essentials in your hand luggage meticulously. Any item you may require during check-in must be placed on the top. While your boarding pass and ID cards should be kept in the outer pocket of your luggage, your laptop should be easy to take out from your carry-on bag. If you are carrying anything you may want to use while waiting for the flight or soon after boarding, it must be easily accessible and placed on top.

7. Pick your airport outfit carefully

When flying, you should pick airport outfits carefully and select comfortable clothes. Think about which clothes will allow you to breeze through the security queue when opting for an outfit. Women should avoid wearing too many bobby pins as they set off the metal detector. Pieces of clothing like cargo pants should also be avoided as it is likely, you may forget a set of keys or lighter in them when asked to empty your pockets during the check-in.

8. Use Digi Yatra

For a seamless and swift airport experience, you should use Digi Yatra at Delhi Airport when travelling domestically. The service uses your face as your boarding pass to make security clearance and terminal entry quick and hassle-free. Available at the departure gates at terminals 2 and 3, DigiYatra has dedicated gates and ensures faster boarding.

Tip: While travelling via Delhi Airport, consider availing of the Meet and Assist service that takes care of everything from doorstep pick up/drop to baggage handling, buggy service, and exclusive lounge access. The facility ensures convenient travelling and promises a pleasant airport experience.

With the summers in, it is time for you to pack your bags and explore new corners. Try these tips and hacks to save time and travel smoothly, when going on your next trip!


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