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Travel in the time of coronavirus: Tips for traveling during the  Covid-19 pandemic

Travel in the time of coronavirus: Tips for traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic

06 May 2021

India is facing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections, with a second wave riding through the country. It is imperative to maintain safety protocols while travelling to protect yourself and others around you in such times.  

In the case of domestic travel, it is necessary to check the guidelines of the state you're travelling. It is advisable to check and follow the travel guidelines before you start your journey.

Cover up

Wearing a face mask while travelling is mandatory. However, making sure that your face is fully covered all the time, especially when you cough or sneeze, is of utmost importance. Every passenger should strive to protect their fellow travellers in their journey.


Travel contactless

The entire airport undergoes stringent cleaning with hygiene measures all-around to maintain passenger safety. The passengers even can opt for a touchless journey at the airport, given they print their boarding passes at home, which is highly encouraged.

Breathe easy

Delhi Airport has a highly efficient HVAC system that replaces the air inside the terminal at regular intervals ensuring the highest possible air quality. Air travel remains the safest way to travel during the current situation. However, it is advisable to undertake only essential journeys to contain the transmission chain.

Keep your distance!

Maintaining social distance always is also of utmost importance. A minimum distance of four to six feet is recommended to be always followed to ensure that overall safety is maintained for every passenger. All around the airport, safety markers with floor stickers, seat markers have been enabled. All passengers should follow them for a peaceful journey.

Travelling responsibly is the need of the hour, and as we make sure that your journey from Delhi Airport is safe, we request you to #FlySafe as well.  

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