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All vehicles to drive through Multi Level Car Parking at T3 arrivals between 17th-19th June

16 June 2021

All private and commercial vehicles would drive through the Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) area for three days starting Thursday 17th June, between 1600 hrs and 1900 hrs.

This temporary shift of cars from Lane 3 of Terminal 3 forecourt to the Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) area is due to the planned maintenance works at the forecourt area of T3.

Under this plan, all 3rd lane traffic will move to MLCP and private vehicles will not be charged during this trial period.

How have we prepared ourselves for the passengers reaching the airport?

Passengers and their family members reaching the airport will be guided through signage and barriers at the entry to Lane 3. In addition to the Traffic Authorities, Delhi Airport will also deploy security personnel, who will help direct these vehicles to reach the MLCP. 

During the maintenance work, there will be limited space in the forecourt area and sufficient area will be available for pick up in MLCP to help the passengers commuting further from the airport. 

The MLCP is equipped with several services, such as F&B counters, ATMs, washrooms, baby care room, waiting lounge, mobile charging stations etc. The MLCP has been set to provide a safe and controlled parking/ pick-up experience to passengers.

It may be noted that the process for booking paid parking slots will remain unchanged.

#FlySafe with Delhi Airport.