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Invitation for Request for Proposal

To procure the RFP, Interested Party should send an email to Office of Chief Commercial Officer at confirming following eligibility criteria along with supporting documents.

  • Bidder shall be a company having experience of operating & managing one or more lounges at minimum 3 (three) airports in India.
  • Bidder shall be a company having minimum 1 (one) year experience of operating & managing at least one of such lounges at airports in India.
  • Bidder shall have an annual turnover of at least Rs.100,00,00,000/- (Rupees One Hundred Crores only) in FY 2022-23, duly certified by a registered Charted Accountant.


  • CA certificate from a registered Charted Accountant for the relevant financial year confirming the turnover as mentioned herein above; and
  • Certificates/Undertakings/Documents (including supporting contracts) in order to establish the Bidder’s eligibility criteria.
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