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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotional initiative (Delhi Airport Anniversary Celebration) for Indira Gandhi International Airport includes, issuance of 'Discount Coupon' for 10% (upto Rs 2000/) on Net amount of purchase of more than Rs 400 in only identified outlets of F&B, lounges, CTN, Hotels, packed food and pharmacy. For details on list of participating outlets issuing the Discount Coupons
  2. Delhi International Airport (DIAL)/ Concessionaire of participating Outlets will not be liable for any claims for on account of non-issuance/ non-redemption of Discount Coupons on account of technical issues, if any.
  3. No redemption can be availed in the outlets which issues the 'Discount Coupon'.
  4. The redemption of Discount Coupons will be done in single transactions at identified outlets only. For detailed list of participating outlets.
  5. The 'Discount Coupon' will be valid for 4 HRS from the time of issuance.
  6. The Delhi Airport Anniversary Celebration may be extended, cancelled, discontinued, amended, withdrawn, terminated or altered at any time without any prior notice and without assigning any reason.
  7. Discount value cannot be exchanged with cash.
  8. Discount Coupon issued in one terminal can be redeemed at that particular terminal only. For instance Discount Coupon issued from Terminal 1 can only be redeemed in Terminal 1 and / or Discount Coupon issued in M&G area of any Terminal can only be redeemed in M&G area of that respective Terminal only.
  9. In the event 'Discount Coupon' is redeemed, the invoice in which Discount is issued/ redeemed cannot be refunded / cancelled.
  10. The discount provided under this Delhi Airport Anniversary Celebration is over and above any discount provided by the concessionaire of the redeeming Outlet of the Terminal.
  11. Feedback for Delhi Airport Anniversary Celebration can be given and address query as Delhi Airport Anniversary Celebration.
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