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Moti Mahal Deluxe

 Moti Mahal is an iconic name in modern Indian culinary history. It began in 1920 as a small eatery in Peshawar in undivided India, reopening in Delhi in 1947 following the partition of the subcontinent. It's matchless signature recipes and smoky frontier flavours soon made it a name synonymous with authentic North Indian cuisine. The restaurant soon acquired landmark status with illustrious visitors – Heads of States, foreign dignitaries and hollywood stars placing it high on their itineraries when visiting the capital.

There are only a handful of chefs in the world who may be credited with the creation of a single dish, let alone an entire cuisine. Shri Kundan Lal Gujral who founded Moti Mahal, is that rare chef who conceived, created and gave the world one of its most well-loved cuisines – Tandoori Food. In seven years Moti Mahal grew from 4 stand-alone restaurants to a 100 company-owned restaurants and franchises – 88 in 22 cities of India, and others in the Middle East, Canada, South East Asia, China, Europe and the United States. The number is projected to double over the next five years covering more than half a million square feet area, with plans for diversifying into other segments of the food market.
While the menu remains true to its USP – the traditional Punjabi Pathani recipes, Moti Mahal has adopted multiple formats for its outlets to target different consumer segments e.g  fine dine restaurants, Kebab trail restaurants, DNY bread bar Cafes, Quick service restaurants, counters in food courts etc.

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