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Flying high with immense possibilities

Is your brand drawing the eye balls it deserves..?? Are you able to reach out to your target audience..??

Do you want to do test marketing of your products/ services with most premium and high-end travelers

Delhi International Airport being one of world’s most premium travel destinations offers best opportunity to the brands to show case there products & services and . An eclectic mix of access to premium audience ready to engage with choice of brands presented with.

We, at Delhi airport, have premium promotions locations for new concepts and activities, where ‘YOUR BRAND’ can have a presence amongst the Sec. audience.

There are exciting opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services to consumers at terminal 3 & 1, IGI. Be it a new product launch, consumer engagement programme or any other form of brand showcase. Brands and agencies can take full advantage of the consumer’s mind space and time in promoting their brands.

Consumer engagement opportunity that you can be a part of-

  • Brand Launches
  • Auto Shows
  • Property Shows
  • Apparel/Watches Fare
  • Fashion Shows
  • ta
  • Brand Lounges
  • Music Shows
  • Flash Mob
  • Entertainment and gaming

Besides, all your activities can be customized with the major events planned at the airport.

Facilitation Desks

Every month Delhi is host to several major conference, events and gatherings. It is important to have presence at the airport for the duration of such event to receive your guests whilst they arrive at the airport. If you have a requirement for placing a facilitation desk to receive your guest for either a conference, events or even marriages kindly contact us for placing your desk with your signage to receive the guests.

For an over view and queries in regards to promotion, activation and facilitation counter, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Chandramani Gautam
Commercial Department

Showcase Your Brand at IGI Airport - Opportunities for Promotions and Advertising at IGI Airport

  • New Product Launches
  • Brand Activation
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Brand Lounges
  • Sampling and exhibitions
  • Innovative display
  • Brand Showcase
  • Raffles
  • Marketing calendar events
  • Web integration
  • Visibility in flyers
  • Branding in dynamic screens

Video Shooting & Photography

The Delhi Airport offers excellent opportunities for Video shooting and Photography at both of the terminals T3 & T1.”

To know more about Video shooting and Photography options at our Airport or if you would like to receive a copy of the Facts & Figures you may contact Chandramani Gautam at

Contact @

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