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World Photography Day: Glimpses of Delhi Airport through your Lens

World Photography Day: Glimpses of Delhi Airport through your Lens

18 August 2022

A photograph does more than depict what the camera clicks. It freezes and captures a moment to tell a narrative. A picture can share an idea, an emotion, or express a mood. It can convey a message in a powerful way that inspires and motivates viewers. So, on this World Photography Day, we urge people to unleash their hidden artists. We are asking them to share their narrative of the Delhi Airport through their snaps! Here is what you ought to do!

What is World Photography Day?

What it celebrates:

World Photography Day commemorates science, art, and the history of clicking pictures. It is observed to inspire and encourage people who want to pursue art and become photographers. Most importantly, the day celebrates the craft of photography that can lock thousands of emotions in one frame. All the photography enthusiasts from around the globe come together to celebrate the spirit of this art on August 19.

When is it observed:

World Photography Day is observed on August 19 every year. This year, it will be a Friday.

History of the Day:

World Photography Day traces back to 1837, when two Frenchman gave the first-ever photographic process by inventing the daguerreotype. These people were named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre. When the French Academy of Sciences officially announced its invention on January 19, 1837, just ten days afterwards, the French government bought the patent. But, they decided against getting copyright and gave the art of photography as a gift to the world.

Two years later, in 1839, William Henry Fox Talabot developed a way to simplify the process of clicking pictures. The new method introduced a more versatile process of getting snaps using paper-based print salts.

How can you celebrate World Photography Day with Delhi Airport?

Delhi airport is akin to a mini-city that buzzes with people and life. It was ranked the second-busiest airport in the world, handling 31.65 million domestic travellers and 5.49 million international passengers in CY 2021. The airport creates an unforgettable experience for the flyers by facilitating services like shopping, dining, and lounging. Also, it keeps bustling with emotions as many flyers see off their families and reunite with their loved ones every day at this place. All these factors make Delhi Airport the perfect spot for displaying your photography skills.

So, this World Photography Day, show us the runway through your eyes. Share with us your present or past photographs which you had clicked through your lenses when you were at the airport and share your narrative with us. Show us what inspires and mesmerises your artistic soul and we promise to feature the most liked and shared photographs on our social media pages.

What can you capture at Delhi Airport?

Since clicking photographs beyond the forecourt can become possible only if you have an air ticket for the day, you may also share your current or old photographs clicked when you were actually inside the airport. While those with valid plane tickets can click its attractive runways and landscape.

The airport has shopping and pedestrian areas and walkways full of green and flowering plants that can act as perfect backgrounds for clicking some excellent snaps. The main road leading to the terminal is a green corridor featuring beautiful shapes and colours with a strong visual impact. Also, the airport has waterworks that kids enjoy, which can be fun subjects to capture.

Photographers with the aim of touching the sky can showcase their zeal and ambitions by capturing images of planes taking off. The airport also has some interesting artefacts that can be the subjects of your pictures. Besides, runways and airport terminals are some other options.

However, if none of these options excite you, maybe you should turn the focus of your camera towards people frequenting the airport premises. Kids seeing off their mothers, a newly wedded couple taking off for their honeymoon, or an old couple going to their dream destination may capture the interest of your inner artist!

So, this August 19, which happens to be World Photography Day, let out your hidden artist and click some awe-inspiring snaps of the Delhi Airport. We promise to share the best and most liked images on our social media pages!

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