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Work in progress at T3 Premium Lane and Exit Road

Work in progress at T3 Premium Lane and Exit Road

18 March 2022

The recent rainfall of 98 mm between 5:30 AM & 8:30 AM on 11th September 2021 coupled with surface runoff from NH-48 and the Radisson Hotel, Mahipalpur junction around 8:00 AM caused an abrupt increase in water level at Terminal-3 (T-3) arrival forecourt. In addition to this, a very high intensity of rainfall of 20 minutes added exponential growth in water levels at T-3.

To tackle the same, and provide a seamless travel experience to the passengers travelling from the Delhi Airport, the management of Delhi Airport has devised a key long haul action plan. The plan includes a comprehensive storm water drainage study of IGI Airport by a competent consultant, by considering all recent developments and planned future developments. As a short-term remedial action, the management has proposed to divert the storm water by the construction of cross drains at three specific locations. Two cross drains at T3 Premium Lane and one drain at T3 Exit Road after Departure Ramp.

The duration of the short term remedial execution plan shall be till 30th April 2022.

Due to the same, the construction will cause slow movement in traffic which might lead to congestion especially at the exit road.

We request passengers travelling to Delhi Airport to stay patient and expect some additional time for entry through the premium lane and for exit from Delhi Airport.

This short term trouble is aimed to deliver the long-term impeccable travel experience to the passengers travelling from Delhi Airport.

As always, we are grateful for your support.

Keep Flying. We will ensure you Fly Safe & Hassle-Free.

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