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Tips For A Hassle Free Journey When Flying With Kids

Tips for a Hassle-free Journey when Flying with Kids

06 October 2022

Travelling with kids is an unforgettable experience for both parents and children. It is an opportunity to create a trunkful of memories with the little ones that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. Despite this, most parents are not so enthusiastic about the idea of going on a trip with their kids. They describe the mere thought as overwhelming and worrisome.

It might be so because this preposition has many challenges, like unpredictable schedules, long journeys, crowded areas, and prolonged packing lists. But, you shouldn't let these problems stop you from seeing the world with your child at your side.

To help you with this goal, here is a list of travel tips that will come in handy when going on a vacation with kids.

1. Ensure your kid is well-rested 

There is a lot to do when you are planning a vacation. In all these preparations, you may forget to tuck your kid into bed at the right time. Or, in the hope that skipping a nap before boarding the flight will make your little one sleepy during the journey, you might even encourage them to stay awake.

But, this is not ideal since children often get too excited during the boarding process and refuse to sleep. When that happens, it is easier to deal with a well-rested kid than one who hasn’t had a proper sleep.

2. Carry their favourite snacks

Another thing you should keep in mind is to make sure your child has a full and happy tummy before and during the journey. It will pay well to stay prepared and have their favourite snacks on the go. 

For parents who are travelling with their babies, Delhi Airport has a baby room. The space is constantly sanitized and features a nursing station. Here, mothers can feed their babies in peace.

Tip: Parents are recommended to carry oatmeal and ready-to-eat food while flying. However, if you fail to bring snacks, request the staff for yoghurt and fruits. It will help keep your kid full and content.

3. Plan some fun time

If you are going on a long journey with your kid and won’t be reaching your destination anytime sooner, gear up for some fun! Parents are advised to carry their kid's favourite books during the journey. Reading may keep them busy. 

If your child is not interested in books, carry their favourite toy or stuffed animal. Since children have a short attention span and get bored quickly, you may want to take some new ones as well.

If nothing else works, you should consider allowing them some screen time. After all, during the journey, it is all about survival. You can download your kid's favourite shows on your iPad/phone or check the flight's entertainment page. You will indeed find something!

4. Make use of the strollers

Travelling with a toddler when you have more than one handbag can be difficult. It will mean walking around the airport with your kid in your lap and bags in tow.

Thus, to ensure convenience for parents, many runways, like the Delhi Airport, have equipped themselves with complimentary baby strollers. You can collect them from the information desk present at the check-in area and move comfortably around the airport.

5. Bring something from home

Parents travelling with toddlers are advised to bring a little something from home to give their little ones a sense of familiarity and comfort during the long trip. It might be their favourite blanket or a water bottle they like to sip from.

6. Use the children's play area

When flying, it is recommended that you reach the airport a little earlier and wait for the boarding process to begin. But, during this time, your kid may get impatient.

So, parents flying to their destination via Delhi Airport are recommended to take their little ones to the children's play area for this purpose. Located at terminal 3, the kid's zone is colourful and interactive and perfect for keeping the children occupied.

 Play area for children at Delhi Airport


Many parents describe the experience of flying with their little ones as challenging. So, in order to ensure a seamless journey and hassle-free experience, follow the tips mentioned above!

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