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The season to go shopping!

The season to go shopping!

19 Jan 2018

Seasons come and seasons go. And while a lot of people celebrate the beginning of many things, not many celebrate the end. Not many that is, except for the extremely hyper and excitable beings we know as ‘The Shopaholics’. And yes, it has to be in capitals because they are practically a separate species unto themselves. These crazy creatures are known for celebrating every time a season ends because the end of a season means one thing and one thing only to them: an End of Season Sale.

That’s right; Shopaholics rejoice! It’s your favourite time of the year. It’s the amazing, heart-warming madness we all know and love as the End of Season Sale at Delhi Airport! And this time, the airport has an end of season sale to end all end of season sales. There’s an array of exciting offers on a range of awesome brands that’ll have you wanting to buy everything you see. Don’t hold back, your favourite things are on sale and therefore even more worth it!

Come on over and take your pick of the best of fashion, electronics, jewellery, perfumes and so much more! It’s a whole world of shopping waiting for you to waltz in and make your choice. Bring your friends and family because you’re gonna need all of them to carry the stuff you buy. Oh and don’t forget to buy them gifts for carrying it all too!

Beware though; it’s end of season so the craziness will be on full tilt! As always, the rule of the concrete jungle applies, that is: first come first serve. That means you’re gonna have to get there before anyone else does, so that the things you want don’t run out of stock. Plus there’s the fact that you will have to dedicate enough time to be able to cover all your favourite departments. It is a fairly large airport after all. And there’re just so many things to browse through, even if you don’t plan to buy.

So head on over to the airport and start the shopping spree of your dreams!

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