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Stop & Shop at the Delhi Airport!

Stop & Shop at the Delhi Airport!

09 July 2019

Have you ever walked past the retail section of the Delhi Airport unsure whether to enter an outlet fearing the exorbitant prices? I am sure most of us have. There's always been a misconception that goods at the airport would cost more. Why wouldn't it, it's a place frequented by the high flyers, isn't it? Well, this is truly a myth that the Delhi Airport has tried to bust by informing travellers that shopping at the airport can in fact be a lot cheaper because of the great deals on offer.

The Delhi Airport is home to the world renowned duty free shop. "Hey, can you pick up a bottle of single malt from the duty free?" This is a commonly heard catchphrase, especially when a friend or relative is returning from a trip abroad. The duty free shop is a great place to shop, because as the name suggests, it is exempt from a number of taxes. This automatically brings the cost of goods from international brands down to a much more reasonable rate. We all know that alcohol is the most famous duty free product, but you also get amazing deals on important chocolates, fragrances, cosmetics, confectionary etc.

Apart from the duty free, the Delhi Airport is home to all of the world's leading brands.

You can shop for fashion, be it western or Indian, footwear, handicrafts, jewellery and gifting, electronics, watches and sunglasses, toys and accessories, whatever you can think of, it's right there. The best part is that you can also avail attractive offers all through the year with shopping festivals and end of season sales. Most brands at the airport have special loyalty schemes that make it even more lucrative for frequent shoppers to pick up something for their loved ones.

So the next time you are passing through the Delhi Airport, stop and shop. You'll not only be spoilt for choice, but you will also get more value for every buck!

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