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Stepping Towards A Sustainable Future: Delhi Airport’s Pot A Plant Event at T3

Stepping Towards A Sustainable Future: Delhi Airport’s Pot A Plant Event at T3

4 June 2024

Delhi Airport believes that the journey towards a sustainable future begins with small steps. This Environment Day, Delhi Airport levels up with its Pot A Plant Event at Terminal 3. Our dedication to land restoration is an essential element of Delhi Airport’s Environment Day Celebration. We are reviving the earth and fostering life from the soil with each potted seed.

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June, every year and brings out awareness & action for the protection of the environment. It is supported by many businesses and government entities worldwide.

We invite passengers to step forward and initiate the seed sowing at multiple potting stations at Terminal 3. These potting stations are gateways to renewal. Passengers can pause here, connect with nature, and pot a seed.

The Journey of a Pot

Once a seed finds its home in a pot at the airport, its journey begins. From there, it embarks on a transformative voyage:

Step 1 - Seeding at the Airport:

Our passengers plant the seed, symbolising hope and potential.

Step 2 - Sending to Nursery for Growth:

The seedling begins its journey towards maturity, nurtured by skilled hands and loving hearts, at the Delhi Airport’s nursery.

Step 3 - Grown Plant Installation:

Eventually, the mature plant returns to the airport, a testament to growth and resilience. Installed at the airport, it serves as a living reminder of our collective commitment to the earth.

More About the Activity

Our esteemed CEO will sow the ceremonial first seed, a gesture embodying our organisational dedication to environmental stewardship. Nature requires nurture, so in turn, it can contribute to our well-being. We will happily help the plants, sown by our passengers, become trees.

For A Sustainable Future

A true and progressive initiative should not be limited to only one place. We would request our passengers to ‘Pot A Plant’ at their residence and make their surroundings green.

In our quest to become a Net Zero Carbon Emissions Airport by 2030 - this is a crucial step, providing us long-term connection with nature and helping us have a healthier and greener future. Happy Environment Day.

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