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Sleep & Fly at the Delhi Airport

Sleep & Fly at the Delhi Airport

27 Oct 2017

A futuristic phenomenon is taking root at airports worldwide: sleeping pods! After decades of travelers sprawled out across chairs and aisles, ingenious and entrepreneurial individuals are finally beginning to invent comfortable ways to nap while in transit – but with a cost.

SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE, an innovative concept introducing Sleeping pods and pay-per-use lounges is available to you, offering your personal comfort rooms, for the first time in India.

Reasons to try out the SAMS Snooze Pods:

Feel tired but can't leave the airport?

One of the most faced problems by travelers is not getting enough rest while in transit. If your transit flight is only in about 8 hours, there is no point leaving the airport and booking a room at a hotel. Sleeping pods are the best solution to stretch your legs and have a comfortable nap while travelling.

Avoid exorbitant prices for hotels

Booking a room at a hotel last minute would cost a lot while travelling. To avoid spending a large amount on accommodation try Sleep pods, which cost must less and provide you with a comfortable ambience.

Enjoy the facilities

Sleep Pods have many facilities like a wall mounted television, refrigerator, ample storage for luggage, security key, Wi-Fi etc. Get everything you can get at a 5 star hotel in a sleeping pod, which also comes with a full size bed.

Charge all your devices in one place

Snooze pods come with Mobile, laptop and power points for all kinds of devices.


Be a part of a safe environment. Snooze Pod lobby comes with Secure Key Card Entry, which restricts entry for people who do not have access to the place. Have a safe and secure resting period before getting on a plane.

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