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National Tourism Day 2024: Navigating Sustainable Journeys with Delhi Airport

National Tourism Day 2024: Navigating Sustainable Journeys with Delhi Airport

10 January 2024

Embarking on a journey means more than just exploring new places. It is a way to learn and grow, broaden your horizons, understand different cultures, and discover new things about yourself. Moreover, every journey strengthens local economies, creates jobs, and paves the way for development.

National Tourism Day celebrates this travel spirit and honours visitors who come to explore our rich culture, history, and delectable cuisines. This year, the celebration is promoting the cause of responsible and mindful tourism.

Discover the importance of National Tourism Day and how Delhi Airport supports sustainable travel in this blog. Here is all you need to know!

National Tourism Day: Meaning and Significance

Celebrated on January 25th, National Tourism Day creates awareness about the importance of tourism in India. This day is dedicated to educating people about the social, political, financial, and cultural impact of travelling on our economy.

Therefore, as a diverse nation, India boasts a multitude of places that draw cultural, nature, heritage, educational, rural, and eco-loving tourists. As a hotspot for globetrotters, tourism plays a big role in boosting India's growing economy.

The National Tourism Day is observed to express gratitude to tourists visiting India to explore our heritage, food, and history. This day also recognises the contributions of numerous people who work in the tourism industry. On this occasion, we promote India as a world-class destination and focus on developing amenities that can help improve the tourist experience for those visiting India.

The History of National Tourism Day

In the year 1948, the Government of India set up the Ministry of Tourism. It was responsible for overseeing the affairs and development of the tourism industry. It is believed that it was around this time the National Tourism Day celebrations commenced. The aim was to preserve the cultural heritage and promote tourism in India

National Tourism Day Theme for 2024

Every year, the National Tourism Day is celebrated around a theme. Most activities at the national and state level, including seminars, cultural events, and other programs, are organised in accordance with this theme.

To promote the concept of responsible and mindful travel, the 2024 National Tourism Day theme is “Sustainable Journeys and Timeless Memories.” It aims to encourage travellers to make eco-friendly choices and preserve our nation’s rich culture and natural heritage.

The theme underscores the importance of leaving a positive impact on the environment while creating beautiful memories. It calls for travellers to embrace sustainable choices. By blending responsible tourism with the creation of timeless memories, the day aims to foster an appreciation for India's diverse landscapes and cultures while ensuring their preservation for future generations.

How Does Delhi Airport Contribute to Sustainable Tourism?

Delhi Airport promotes sustainable tourism through the following practices:

Carbon Neutrality Achievements

In the grand scheme of carbon neutrality, we are not just talking; we are doing. Delhi Airport achieved Level 4+ in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program in 2020 and has set sights on becoming a Net Zero Carbon Emission Airport by 2030, aligning our goals with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Green Terminal Glory

Terminal 3 at Delhi Airport proudly wears a spectrum of green certifications - LEED Gold, IGBC Platinum, ARC Platinum, and PEER Platinum, setting a standard for eco-friendly construction.

Waste Management Excellence

Effective waste management isn't just a goal; it is a reality at Delhi Airport. With a 16.6 MLD sewage treatment plant and other waste management programs to take care of waste diversion from landfills, we ensure our litter doesn’t harm the environment.

Water Treatment Programs

Along with an efficient water network and irrigation system, we have over 350 rainwater harvesting structures and two underground water reservoirs located near T1 and T2 with a capacity to store 9 million litres of rainwater to ensure every drop is utilised.

Operational Efficiency in Flight

At Delhi Airport, we take operational efficiency very seriously. With A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) and TaxiBot, we are streamlining operations to make every take-off and landing as smooth as possible.

Inaugurating Elevated Cross Taxiway

In 2023, Delhi Airport unveiled its Elevated Cross Taxiway (ECT), a strategic move to curb aircraft emissions. This innovative addition is projected to slash approximately 55,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, an environmental gain equivalent to planting around 1.5 million trees.

Electrifying Mobility

We have replaced over 95% of our vehicle fleet with electric ones, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1,000 tonnes annually. Our electric buses carry passengers between Terminal 3 and the Passenger Transport Centre building, making the journey eco-friendly.

Technological Prowess for Sustainability

Delhi Airport isn't just about comfortable journeys but about protecting our environment while ensuring happy travelling. Low-carbon technologies like Bridge Mounted Equipment and Fuel Hydrant Systems showcase our commitment to a sustainable aviation future.

Renewable Energy Pioneers

In a pioneering move in 2022, Delhi Airport became India's first to run solely on renewable energy. With a 7.84 MW on-site solar power plant and hydro plants meeting the rest of the demand, this shift cut around 200,000 tons of carbon emissions, a significant leap towards environmental sustainability.

Certifications and Awards

ISO-certified for Environment & Energy Management Systems, Delhi Airport proudly boasts recognitions like the Wings India Environment & Sustainability Award 2022, FICCI Water Award in 2022, and ACI Asia-Pacific Green Airport Recognition 2023 - Silver Level for Single-Use Plastic Elimination.

Eradicating Plastic, Embracing Greenery

Bid farewell to single-use plastics as Delhi Airport paves the way for a plastic-free environment. We have also embraced the greener side by developing a green area at the airport featuring native and adaptive plants.

Final Thoughts

National Tourism Day celebrates the joy of travelling and its powerful impact on our economy. This year’s theme, Sustainable Journeys and Timeless Memories mirrors Delhi Airport's dedication to responsible tourism.

To promote the concept of responsible and mindful travel, the 2024 National Tourism Day theme is "Sustainable Journeys and Timeless Memories." It aims to encourage travellers to make eco-friendly choices and preserve our nation's rich culture and natural heritage.

Travellers should join hands in preserving diverse landscapes. Every journey, big or small, can leave a positive mark. So, pack your bags, make memories, and remember, responsible travel is not just a theme – it is a pledge to cherish and safeguard our nation together!

Happy National Tourism Day!

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