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How can Delhi Airport's Meet and Assist Service Make your Journey Easy and Seamless?

How can Delhi Airport's Meet and Assist Service Make your Journey Easy and Seamless?

12th June 2023

While flying is a unique and fun experience for most travellers, some people find it overwhelming. They feel confused upon witnessing so many people and are unsure about the airline processes.

Some travellers, like first-time and elderly flyers, find it challenging to figure out their way after arrival at the airport. The airline processes further add to the hassle.

To ensure smooth navigation and a seamless airport journey, the Delhi Airport provides a Meet and Assist service. Here are a few reasons why you should use this facility the next time you fly via Delhi Airport.

Let’s have a look!

What is Meet and Assist Service?

The Meet and Assist service is aimed to ensure a smooth journey for the passengers. It offers flexible and efficient assistance to help flyers sidestep queues and allows easy access to airport facilities.

By using the Meet and Assist service, you can enjoy seamless car transfers to and from the airport, easy airport assistance, comfortable baggage handling, a quick concierge facility, and much more.

Ideal for first-time flyers who are unfamiliar with the airport processes, the Meet and Assist service reduces the hassle and promises a comfortable journey.

What are the benefits of Meet and Assist Service?

1. Airport Navigation:

Figuring out your way at the airport can be challenging because of the large expanse of area. Even when the signs are present at every corner, it can be confusing to comprehend what is where.

The more time you spend staring at the signage or asking people where you should go, the more difficult it gets to stay collected and figure out your next steps.

But, with the Delhi Airport's Meet and Assist service, you can solve this problem easily. The facility offers a greeter who can fast-track your journey and accompany you until the last door. Upon arrival at your destination, he can guide you to the exit.

2. Handling baggage:

With the Meet and Assist service, you do not need to be concerned about your luggage, which can be a hassle when travelling with elderly or kids. On availing of the facility, you can access immediate assistance with carrying, transporting, once you enter the airport.

Typically, you get a greeter at the airport to help unload baggage from the car and carry bags to the check-in area. Using the Meet and Assist service in India can ensure the safety of bags so nothing goes amiss.

Tip: If you are flying for an extended journey and have excess luggage, avail the Excess Luggage Delivery Service and get your luggage delivered at your doorstep at 1/5th of the airline charges.

3. Promised Convenience:

Airport journeys can seem overwhelming to first-time flyers unfamiliar with the airport processes or business travellers in a rush to get through the airline processes.

With the Meet and Greet service, you can fast-track your passage far more conveniently and safely. If you are someone well-known or travelling with a patient, this quick support can be monumental.

The greeter provided via the Meet and Assist facility can guide you through all the airport processes and help with completing the paperwork and legal formalities at check-in and immigration counters for a safe and hassle-free journey.

4. Skipping Queues:

If you are travelling for business purposes, it is understandable that you might be short on time. But, to commence your journey, you first need to undergo baggage drop, check-in, screening, and immigration processes. Since this can make you late for your flight, a better option is to avail DIAL’s Meet and Greet service, which is one of the best in India.

Upon using this facility, you can get premium treatment and breeze through the airport processes. The Meet and Assist service allows you to skip queues and helps get all the work done in a matter of a few minutes.

5. Easy Transit Journey:

Flying to your destination via a connecting flight requires you to navigate through an unfamiliar transit airport. Also, while boarding, you have limited time to move from one terminal to another, which can be chaotic in crowded and large airports.

Delhi Airport’s Meet and Assist service, which is one of the best in India, can simplify the transit process by claiming baggage and rechecking bags into connecting flights, guiding passengers through the airport and airline processes, and offering help to boarding gates or executive lounges.

In a Nutshell:

Navigating the airport and airline processes can be challenging. But, with help from Airport Meet and Assist services, you can simplify the airport experience. The facility can make your journey comfortable and seamless to ensure a pleasurable business or leisure trip.

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