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Foodwalk at Delhi International Airport

Foodwalk at Delhi International Airport

27 Dec 2017

Delhi International Airport being one of the busiest airports in the world, has a lot of different places to satisfy everyone's food cravings. From Casual Dining to Coffee shops, the airport offers countless number of places to eat.

These are 5 things you will see when you take a food walk at the delhi international airport:

1) The premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Get to the world class coffee shop and enjoy some good coffee and short-eats like sandwiches and pastries. Grab a coffee on the go.

LOCATION : T1 Departures, T3 Domestic Arrivals, T3 Domestic Departures, T3 International Departures

2) A restaurant offering variations of the extremely delicious Kancheevaram, masala podi idli and many more to suit practically every taste bud.

LOCATION : T3 International Departures

3) The leading global burger company offering the best burgers in the form of quick meals & snacks. This is where value means great food, friendly staff with quick and accurate service. Also serves softies and flurries.

LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures, T3 International Departures

4) Keeping the unique taste buds of Delhi passengers in mind, the best street food from across Delhi. Get here to grab some yummy Delhi chaat and street food on the go.

LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures

5) Grab & Fly offers customers a broad range of convenient and delicious food and beverage products at a great value for money. With many new and easy to consume products next to some all-day favorites, Grab & Fly is covering the needs of a wide variety of customers.

LOCATION : T2 Departures

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