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First Ever in India: Delhi Airport Introduces Biometric Kiosks For Faster Immigration

First Ever in India: Delhi Airport Introduces Biometric Kiosks For Faster Immigration

14 June 2024

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) on 14th June 2024 announced the launch of innovative Biometric Registration kiosks at the international arrival pier of the Delhi Airport.

These kiosks are specifically designed for foreign nationals arriving in India with visas without biometric information collection during the application process. It is the first time such kiosks have been implemented at any airport in India.

The kiosks, established by DIAL, would be operated under the direct supervision of the Bureau of Immigration (BOI).

After registering the biometric at the kiosk, the time taken by the Immigration agent/ officer at the counter will be minimised by more than 50%.

Convenience for Foreign Nationals

Previously, visa-holding passengers arriving in Delhi without biometric registration were required to utilise the designated immigration counters, resulting in an average wait time of 4-5 minutes per passenger. During peak hours, these queues could lead to even longer delays. These kiosks save time for both authorities and passengers.

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Benefits of Biometric Registration Kiosks:

  • Minimal Wait Times: The kiosks offer a streamlined process, significantly reducing passenger wait times at immigration counters by more than 50%. Passengers entering India with an e-visa can now complete their biometric registration upon arrival at the kiosks and then proceed to any immigration counter for entry.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The kiosks improve immigration processing efficiency, allowing faster passenger clearance.
  • Improved Passenger Experience: The kiosks ensure an easier and time-saving experience for arriving passengers, especially those unable to complete biometric registration during the visa application process.
  • Current Status and Future Expansion: Five kiosks are currently operational at the International Arrival Pier of Delhi Airport, with an additional five planned for installation soon. This expansion will further expedite the immigration process for arriving passengers.

Hear it from our CEO

Speaking on this occasion, CEO-DIAL, Mr Videh Kumar Jaipuriar said, "DIAL is committed to providing a world-class travel experience for our passengers. The introduction of these biometric registration kiosks is among the many firsts that Delhi Airport has achieved. It represents a significant step forward in expediting the immigration process and enhancing passenger convenience, particularly for those who were unable to submit their biometrics during the visa application process."

Key Takeaways:

  • DIAL has established five such kiosks at the International Arrivals Pier, with five more to launch soon.
  • Kiosks would be helpful for foreign nationals arriving in India with a visa where biometric information was not collected during the application process.
  • It would reduce processing and waiting time for such arriving international flyers by more than 50%.
  • These kiosks would improve efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.
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