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The responsible face of Delhi airport: Observing Earth Day.

The responsible face of Delhi airport: Observing Earth Day.

22 April 2018

April 22 sees people, nations and cultures across the world united in celebration of one cause: Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, on a relatively small scale, the event has now become a global one, with ramifications that cross borders.

The importance of Earth Day today cannot be understated. Even as you read these words, the earth is under threat from climate change, pollution, increasing levels of waste as well as several other threats. We are losing flora and fauna species at an alarming rate, temperatures are rising at rates fast enough to melt polar glaciers beyond recovery and forest cover the world over is reducing at alarming speeds.

If we continue on the same path we are currently on, ecological collapse is just around the corner. It is in such times that it becomes imperative that we as a collective of world citizens take cognisance of the impact that we have on the earth even with our normal, everyday activities. This is what Earth Day aims to achieve.

Earth Day is a simple reminder that the way we live our lives affects the planet. Every little thing that we do or not do has planetary ramifications. The plastic bag that we throw on the side of the road, the dripping tap we don’t fix or the light in the empty room that we are too lazy to shut off; all have effects far beyond what we can see in the moment. While the results may not be immediately visible, the cost is something that will be paid by our children and the generations to follow, similar to how we are currently bearing the costs of the foolhardiness of our preceding generations.

There is no quick fix of course. In fact, some scientists are of the opinion that the situation is beyond fixing and that it is time we start looking at measures to help humanity survive in the face of impending and inevitable collapse. However, this is not an excuse to simply give up.

Delhi airport believes that the world can yet be saved and that there is more that we can do to combat the threats to the planet. This is why the airport takes various measures, not only on Earth Day but around the year to do its part in fighting for the planet.

The airport has won awards for ‘Most Sustainable Airport’ and ‘Green Airport’. Further, Delhi airport is the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve the coveted carbon neutral status, which less than 25 airports across the world hold. This continued gathering of accolades and certifications is testimony to the airport’s commitment to the planet, not just for Earth Day but for life.

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