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Delhi Airport Opens New Lounge at T3 for Enhanced Airport Experience

Delhi Airport Opens New Lounge at T3 for Enhanced Airport Experience

December 14, 2022

Airport lounges seem like a life-saver on occasions when you reach the facility a little early. The best choice when you have an early morning check-in, cancelled flight, or connected flight, these facilities ensure that your journey begins on the right note. The lounges ensure your peace of mind by providing a relaxing environment while you are at the airport. So, to ensure a pleasurable and pleasing airport experience for flyers, Delhi Airport has recently inaugurated a new lounge at terminal 3, International departures. Here is all you need to know about the facility!

What is an airport lounge?

Airport lounges are designated spaces at airports where travellers can enjoy some ‘me-time’ when flying off to their destination. Equipped with premium facilities, these spaces offer a peaceful and stress-free environment for relaxing. Enjoying the lounge perks enhances the entire holiday experience and helps reduce travel anxiety.

Most airport lounges provide comfy seats, an assorted selection of alcoholic drinks, showers, high-speed Wi-Fi, and free snacks to promise a premium experience to customers. Some even have playrooms and electronic devices like computers and television sets to ensure flyers enjoy the time spent at the facility. Besides offering a perfect getaway from a jam-packed airport environment, these spaces also feature workstations where you can sit and work from your laptop. This especially comes in handy when you have to send a last-minute email.

Accessing airport lounges is possible with specific premium flight tickets (like business or first class), status level, or particular credit cards in your wallet. Some airport lounges also offer entry for a year or a day with certain conditions. By showing your qualifying pass to the attendant, you can gain access to the facility.

Encalm Lounge commences at Terminal 3

At Delhi Airport, Mezzanine Level, Terminal 3, the Encalm Lounge commenced recently. Currently operational, it is located where ITC Green Lounge was situated previously. The space is a premium facility equipped with gourmet food and wellness & spa services. It is designed to help flyers relax and reduce their travel anxiety.

Spread across an area of 12,238 sq. ft of floor space, the new lounge is spacious and much bigger than the facility it replaced. It has the capacity to seat 245 people and is an apt choice for travellers seeking the best hospitality services. The lounge offers uninterrupted Wi-Fi and gourmet and international cuisines to please flyers. Moreover, it has beautiful aesthetics and offers premium comfort. The lounge stays open 24*7 and provides constant access to flight information, newspapers, magazines, a live cooking station, a bar, and a lounge bay.

In summary…

To ensure a premium airport experience for flyers, the Delhi Airport has recently inaugurated a new lounge at Mezzanine Level, Terminal 3, International Departures, IGI Airport, New Delhi. The elite lounging services ensure a seamless travel experience for customers.

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