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The Snooze pod at Delhi Airport is changing the way people travel. Find out how.

15 July 2018

With a baggage in hand and no proper place to perch, airport layovers are always cowered at by the travellers.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) Delhi being the busiest in India with a footfall of over 50 million, decided to address this problem teaming up with Snooze At My Space Company (SAMS).

Delhi International Airport Limited proposed and executed the trailblazing idea of installing portable Sleeping Pods with hotel-like amenities at Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi. The sleeping pods have made the airport layovers easy and convenient with unprecedented luxuries at moderate pricing.

Stress free boarding:

SAMS sleeping pods are located for the convenience of international travelers. With easy access to the boarding gates, avoid the painstaking task of looking for those inexpensive hotels in your short transit period.

Comfort comes cheap:

Well maintained and spacious sleeping pods with cozy bed, work desk, flat screen TV, mini fridge, baggage room and most of all a private space for you to stretch your legs and refresh; Enjoy all the top notch facilities at an affordable price.

Pay for your stay:

Pay per hour and avail the pleasure of utilizing every minute of your stay. You can choose between single and double occupancy rooms for a minimum of 3 hours to an all-nighter. Ancillary benefits of magazines, beverages, sandwiches, meals, and many more is available at your disposal.

At your service:

With in-room service and round the clock availability, get baffled by our courteous staff service. We make sure that you are not late to your flight by providing live flight status update and also a knock at your door 15 minutes prior to your check out time.

Go online:

Is your phone out of charge? We provide charging sockets and free Wi-Fi for our accommodators. Now, even International travellers who do not have a local mobile connection can connect with their friends and family during their stay at sleeping pods next to the boarding gates.

Easy booking:

With growing popularity of the sleeping pods, we have partnered with the finest travel planning websites in order to serve you at our best capabilities. Passengers can now avail special offers and splendid discounts by pre-booking on one of these booking portals.

SAMS sleeping pod is one of those attempts by the Delhi International Airport authorities to make travel: business or leisure, extremely comfortable. Many such staggering services are in the travellers’ itinerary while you visit Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi.