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The 6 kinds of friends who can recast your travel experience.

The 6 kinds of friends who can recast your travel experience.

2 August 2018

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles"

Tim Cahill

A Friends-only trip is every group's ultimate paradise, but no friends-only trip has, or can ever happen without going through the following ordeal: Months of planning, finally booking, last minute rescheduling, and if god-permits, TRAVELING. We all go through such a rigorous process in order to make sure that none in our group escape the fun trip with any lame excuse.

This Friendship Day, let's quickly list out the different types of friends in every group who enhance our travel experience to unprecedented heights.

The Love a holic

We all have that friend who is physically with you, but mentally on phone with his/her new found partner. A wasted ticket in your otherwise fun trip.

The Loudspeaker

A friend who can make heads turn; but not in a way you would like.

The Latecomer

These friends have at-least a hundred reasons to be late. Its not their fault that you booked an early flight.

The Kumbakarna

Night or Day, Bed or Chair, Airport or Bunker- This friend can sleep anywhere and everywhere.

The Family-Man

We all have that friend whose entire family, friends, extended family, mickey and mini come to see him/her off.

The Drill Master

With this friend around, the weight of being responsible is off your shoulders. The gang can be carefree with him/her around.

Thats it! Ok, can't resist but add that new person you have no clue of in your friends-only trip.

The Extra Carrier

Well, every trip will have this imposter- a friend of a friend. Duh!

As we come across the list there is one thing that is crystal clear, no matter the type of friends we travel with, a friends-only trip is bound to reserve a spot in our memories for years to come. Happy Friendship Day!

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