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Premium Lane Parking at New Delhi Airport

Premium Lane Parking at New Delhi Airport

9 July 2018

A car is a wonderful thing; the freedom and sense of independence it grants is something that is indescribable. However, when it comes to finding parking space for your beloved four-wheeler, especially in Delhi, the story is different.

At Delhi Airport however, parking woes are a thing of the past. For the convenience of flyers, travellers and their friends and family who come to pick up or drop them off, the airport has built a five-storey, multilevel parking structure at Terminal 3, one of the largest in India. With a capacity of 4,300 cars, the parking space is huge enough that you’re sure to find a free space no matter what time you drive in.

While ‘s five storeys’ sounds quite imposing, the actual parking itself is quite simple and easy to use. The automated ticket dispensers are a breeze to use and make entry and exit so easy a child could do it. And with a fully- automated system, a well-lit parking area and thorough scanning by CISF guards as well as private security marshals, you and your car are safe and secure at all times.

It’s not just plain old parking though. It comes with a host of services that’ll have you feeling like royalty. You can park your car at the airport and fly off to your destination. When you come back, you’ll find it exactly where you left it thanks to the Park ‘n’ Fly service. Additional services include valet parking and even reserved parking for corporate or hotels.

So now, when it comes to cabbing it to the airport or taking your own car, you know which to choose.

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