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Independence Day

15 August 2019


The word, "August" in English itself is for veneration and a mark of dignity. A fitting coincidence that our country was honoured with its Independence in this month. In August 1947, the transfer of power was overseen by Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India. The country breathed a renewed air, though it was tainted by a tumultuous past of rupture and upheaval. But in their resolve to rewrite modern Indian history, a group of ambitious leaders envisioned a new book of a free India.

In 2019, we'll be celebrating our 73rd Independence Day. But 7 decades ago, this seemed like a distant reality. The country wasn't stopping in losing lives of its children; our leaders weren't stopping in sacrificing their everything for their motherland. Movements and rallies, marches and prayers- we were riddled with struggles and divisions. And with our closest allies bargaining for a separate nation, many of our leaders were devoid of half their hopes.

The other half of this hope was the remaining citizens of the country, who'd pinned their own faith to these few. This drove home their motivation to embark on an arduous and strenuous path of winning their freedom from the British clutches. And with the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi among many others, India finally rose to a new dawn.

Since then, every Prime Minister and the President of the country have bejeweled the celebrations with their respects and speeches. The PM hoists the national flag, the national anthem is sung in unison and the country is motivated to contribute to a better future.

Prior celebrations also permeate through institutions across the country. In their bid to remember the august day, they hoist flags too, and host extracurricular activities as advance festivities. It is a day of commemoration for patriots. A day to be free of our individual struggles and pay respect to the legends that fought for what we long deserved.

Freedom runs in our country and veins. It reminds us that our souls are not made of one form. Every one of us is a child of freedom, pushing the dreams of the nation to a new reality.

For together we must pledge to empower each other to thrive; as a community and a national identity.

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