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5 types of people you will meet at the Parking of Delhi Airport.

5 types of people you will meet at the Parking of Delhi Airport.

29 July 2018

Being a densely populated Indian city with the highest car ownership, parking space availability is of high precedence for Delhiites. Hence, a user-friendly 6 storied Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) that can accommodate about 4300 cars is available across Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport Delhi.

With state of the art technology like the Automatic Parking Guidance system, congestion-free traffic, 24-hour service, centralized pay station at each exit point, enhanced security features and many more, MLCP has become a successful addition to Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi.

Delhi Airport Parking has a special service 'Park & Fly' for its flyers to have a stress free boarding. The passengers can drive to the airport, park their cars, fly to their destination, and upon return, their car will remain safe and sound as left by them.

Let us quickly list out 5 types of people who are majorly benefited from 'Park & Fly' services at Delhi Airport Parking.

Business travellers

Business travellers like Journalists or corporate personnel are prone to frequent travelling as their profession demands. Unscheduled interviews, national-level gigs, award functions or other events force them to fly out of Delhi for shorter periods. In such scenarios never hesitate to avail 'Park & Fly' facility at Delhi Airport Parking Services to have a hassle-free parking experience.

One day Interviewee

Despite the growing popularity of online exams and Skype interactions, in-person interviews will never go out of the picture in the professional world. You can now fly out of Delhi for the interview with your car parked at our 'Park & Fly' facility and be least worried about its safety.

Super Commuters

You are a 'Super commuter' if you work out of your town/city and will have to travel a long distance by air once or twice every month. With lower 'Park & Fly' tariffs, do not let cab expenses cripple your budget.

Unlucky with Cabs

If you have to catch an early morning flight or peak hour flight, hiring the right cab is always your last-minute villain. Unavailability of cabs or an increase in cab fare is unnecessary stress that you have to endure before your travel. With 'Park & Fly' services, plan your trips at your will, as you are no more a victim to cabs' availability.

Car lovers

For some people, cars are more than just a medium of transport. They share a special bond and take extreme care of their cars. If you are one such car lover, special services are on cards for 'Park and Fly' customers; with professional car wash, pollution check, air pressure refill and top-notch security arrangement, 'Park' your car at Delhi Airport and 'Fly' assured of your car's safety.

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