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Basic Training on handling of CBRN Emergencies at the Delhi Airport

Basic Training on handling of CBRN Emergencies at the Delhi Airport

January 11, 2023

In the present world, where a threat can emerge in any form, staying prepared at every step is the key to ensuring safety. The National Disaster Management Authority is playing its role in keeping the flyers secure from harm’s way by organising “Basic Training on CBRN Emergency Management” at the IGI Airport in association with Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the drill aims to prepare the airport handlers to manage emergency situations.

The inauguration ceremony of the program with Shri. Uma Maheswara Rao (Joint Advisor, Mitigation Division-NDMA, Mr. PP Singh, Chief Airside Officer-DIAL, Mr. D Sundar, Coordinator & Faculty-NDMA, Airport Officials & Participants.

Here is all you need to know about this programme!

What are CBRN emergencies?

Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CRBN) emergencies involve situations where threat arises due to CBRN agents, including hazardous chemicals, toxic radiological materials, and chemical and biological warfare factors. These scenarios may happen because of ignorance, accident, malicious intent, accident, incompetence, or negligence.

What should you know about the CBRN program at the Delhi Airport?

National Disaster Management Authority, in association with DIAL, is organising Basic Training on CBRN Emergency Management for Airport Emergency Handlers from January 10-12’ 2023, at the Delhi Airport. The three-day-long drill intends to enhance the preparedness of the airport staff to respond to CBRN emergencies, encompassing threats arising from the use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials at the facility.

During the event, lectures, field training, and live demonstrations of detection and decontamination, including the use of personal protective equipment, will be arranged to ensure proper learning. The program shall have 40 participants from DIAL, with 30 personnel from NDRF likely to participate in the Mock drill. 

What is the need for the CBRN program at the Delhi Airport?

Since Delhi Airport is a hub that serves millions of passengers and heavy volume of Cargo throughout the year, it is necessary to ensure the readiness and preparedness of the airport staff in dealing with CBRN emergencies. This is why DIAL is organising CBRN Emergency Management Training for Airport Emergency Handlers from 10th to 12th January. The drill will help to reduce the probability of mass casualty incidents and ensure passenger safety.

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