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Adding Colours to Life #RangDeDEL

Adding Colours to Life #RangDeDEL

17 March 2022

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated with all enthusiasm and energy throughout the country. This festival is a tale of positivity and faith. It marks the arrival of spring and signifies the winning of good over evil.

Every year, Delhi Airport celebrates Holi with beautiful installations and various on-ground activities, we add moments of joy and picture-perfect moments for our passengers travelling from the airport.

Holi, the festival of colours has a variety of colourful lessons to offer to us. The Colours of Life that we can all incorporate into our lives.

The colours of Holi impact our moods and lives in different ways. These colours have the powerful magic of making us feel good, bad, peaceful, powerful, passionate, satisfied, and angry. Some of us have always used this methodology to decide which colours to choose for clothes, office walls, home walls, furniture, and everywhere they can create an impact.

Here are a few colours that one must add to their life:

Red: This colour symbolises power, passion, desire, energy, and strength. The most eye-catching among all colours, demands attention on its own. In addition to this, the Red colour enhances metabolism and also increases blood pressure. This colour has also been chosen to depict intimate passion. This colour should be added to their lives by people who are shy or lack confidence.

Blue: Blue is the colour of the thought chakra and is great for one-way communication (teacher, public speaker) It is also great for businessmen and for people seeking jobs as it is associated with trust, loyalty and honesty. This colour is also associated with peace and serendipity. People can include blue in their lives, to feel at peace and at ease.

Yellow: Yellow colour must be included by people who want to feel more confident. The colour of sunrays enhances one's sense of self and relates to knowledge, happiness, enthusiasm and optimism.

White: White, is the symbol of purity, peace, innocence, prestige and success. The colour is a splendid choice for inner cleansing and purification of thoughts and emotions. White colour can help people in decluttering and moving in new directions in their lives. The white surroundings have been also associated with enhancement of the emotional dwelling.

We wish you a life filled with colours of prosperity and peace. Keep supporting and loving Delhi Airport.


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