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Delhi International Airport having footfalls of about around 41 Million Passengers a year has the capacity to accommodate about 62 million passengers annually . The T3 Terminal is one of the biggest and busiest Airports in the world.
T3 the integrated terminal spreads across 5.4 mill sq ft area over 30,000 sq mt of retail space. The area constitutes more than 200 Retail, Hospitality & Services clients showcasing more than 500 luxury brands from around the globe.
Today we offer our pax a great mix of shopping categories in Electronics. Consumer Goods. Food & Beverages . Perfumes. Liquor. Tobacco . Confectionary. Apparels. Watches. Jewelry. Leather. Souvenirs, Pharmacy.
Delhi Airport offers a unique opportunity to advertise your brand at our Airport. We offer excellent Airport Advertising support that provides you with an unparalleled exposure of your brand.
All advertisement at Delhi Airport is managed by TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Private Limited [TIMDAA], one of the best advertising agencies, offering you the best possible advertising options at Delhi Airport. TIMDAA offers world-class airport advertising media including signages, scrollers, video walls and other innovative branding opportunities.
TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Private Limited [TIMDAA] is a joint venture between Delhi International Airport Limited & Times Innovative Media Limited and manages the complete Airport advertising portfolio at the Delhi Airport, India. TIMDAA brings together its expertise and experience in Airport advertising and creates high-impact marketing & branding opportunities.
A leader in the OOH industry, it has set new benchmarks in creating innovative and experiential advertising solutions for the world’s leading brands.
With its classy, high-on-visibility advertising media, TIMDAA has given Airport Advertising a new appeal riding on new technology and digital avenues. Reaching out to the elite, educated and high-end travellers has now become easier, faster and much more effective. TIMDAA helps connect the best of International and National brands to an elite Sec A audience. It leverages the strengths of Delhi Airport that has been ranked amongst the top most airports in the world, to create a wide array of advertising solutions.

Ambient Lit Banners

Larger than life sized banner hanging from the ceiling give a unique & highly visible advertising opportunity to communicate with premium audience.

Sizes : 50'(l) x 10"(h), Double sided, Ceiling Hanging Banners

Front Lit Static Site

Large format sites, offers high impact visibility located at multiple strategic locations in Departure & Arrival targeting all travelers.

Sizes : 60'(l) x 26"(h) ; 60'(l) x 15"(h) ; 57'(l) x 16"(h), Double & Single sided -Wall Mounted Static Sites

Backlit Totems

Oval Totems, all fully back illuminated, accepts branding from front & back, adds 30% more impact to any campaign. Totems dominate Check in area targeting 100% departing audience.

Size : 6'(l) x 20"(h), Double sided - Free standing units.

Digital media:

: At Delhi Airport you will find digital units in the terminals that can broadcast your message.

Wall Wraps & Pillars:

Campaigns placed in the form of SAV wrapping large walls and high pillars ensuring 100% visibility


Personal interaction with customers brings your product alive, so how about demonstrating your product in your own promotional area in the terminal?


Capable of managing 3 to 5 campaigns simultaneously. Gives enhanced opportunity to run the campaign in a synchronized manner on multiple units placed across the terminal

Giant banners:

Eight meters high, 10 or even 40 meters long, by choosing a large wall mounted or free hanging banner you will certainly attract the attention of all travelers in a specific part of the airport.

Light boxes:

Close to the shops, along one of the crowded piers, in the lounges or above the baggage belts, our light boxes are perfect to contact a specific target group.

To know more about advertising options at our Airport or if you would like to receive a copy of the Facts & Figures you may contact Mr. Chandramani Gautam at

High visible backlit units that capture 100% traffic of the busiest airport of India. Positioned on either side of the route, these larger-than-life displays, break through the clutter and deliver maximum audience reach. These fantastic outdoor media offer the opportunity to make a huge visual impact and target virtually all traffic entering/leaving the airport. It includes -


To know more about advertising options at our Airport , you may contact Mr. Chandramani Gautam at [email protected]

The Delhi Airport website offers excellent opportunities to advertise your product at some of the best vantage points that would get your brand an unbeatable mileage and visibility from your target audience visiting the website.

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