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Left Luggage / Baggage Storage (Cloak Room) facility

A lot of people may find that having to carry their heavy bags around to be a bit of a chore, this is why Left Luggage is on hand to help lighten the load and allow you to safely and securely store your Left Luggage at our secure storage facility until your return whether this is a matter of hours, days or weeks.

Our left luggage facility is located at the airport connect building (Metro Station) in Terminal-3. Domestic and International passengers can leave luggage for a maximum of 30 days at a certain charge after presenting their boarding pass and a valid photo id.

Our luggage storage facility is manned by professional security staff and we only accept luggage once we have put it through our state of the art x-ray machine for security screening, so you can be sure that your bags will be completely safe at Left Luggage.

Rate Card :
Baggage Description 0 - 2 Hrs
Every Subsequent Hour (up to 8 Hrs)
Flat 24 Hrs and every additional day up to 30 days
Small (Less than 7 kgs) 80/- per bag 20/- per bag 200/- per bag
Medium (7.1 to 20 kgs) 120/- per bag 30/- per bag 400/- per bag
Large (Above 20 kgs) 160/- per bag 40/- per bag 600/- per bag

*International customers need to present their Passport, and Domestic customers valid Photo ID. Boarding Pass not required.

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