Sleeping Pods Airport
Sleeping Pods Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi has added a new dimension to the airport lounge. SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE, an innovative concept introducing Sleeping pods and pay-per-use lounges is available to you, offering you personal comfort rooms, for the first time in India.

Hitech Architectural (I) Fabricators Pvt. Ltd introduces an incredible opportunity, an architectural delight and just the right stop for air passengers in transit / departure area to sleep, relax or work in their own comfort zone within plush interiors for the first time in India.

Sleep and fly with "SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE" your personal comfort rooms installed just a step away, located at the departure area at the T3 Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi, available for all you esteemed passengers, on an hourly basis.

  • When the optimum time you spend in one place is the airport sitting area.
  • When eight hours of sleep is a luxury you can't afford.
  • When life is one constant race against time.
  • It's time to slow down; it's time to give your self some space.
  • It's time to catch a Snooze.
Sleep @ Airport

charges : US $12/hr for single occupancy and US $ 22/hr for double occupancy.

Location : Opposite boarding gate Number 17, International Departure Piers.

For Charges, Location, Reservation : Ph: +91-8800230013

Sams snooze at my space

When you arrive at the departure area at the T3 Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi, you don't have to look for a hotel, If you want to rest, sleep or work while waiting for boarding your next flight, It is of immense convenience to lodge yourself in this comfort room, saving your valuable time as we are right there at the departure area!

Welcome to SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE your personal comfort room / sleeping pods with astounding state-of-the-art technology equipped with a bed to rest and sleep, working table for your lap top, Wi-Fi, electric-plugs, Flat TV Screens, DVD player, charging sockets for cell phones etc. available to you providing easy accommodation, moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time commuting and searching for a hotel. SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE is suitably located in the departure lounge providing complete security.

SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE is indeed an affordable option with sleek design, efficient space and integrated technology, best suited for you. Saving passengers their precious time and the cumbersome process of booking hotel rooms in the city before they leave for their next destination and all this comes at a convenient price on hourly basis.

All the Pods are located after security check (Security Hold Area). Departing passengers are allowed entry to the security hold area 3 hours prior for International passengers, 24 hours for Transit passengers.