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She is her own hero

Huma Qureshi sashays in wearing a beautiful red gown and what follows is unexpected to say the least. In the video put out by Netflix, within four days of a release of a film that has done really well at the box office and is almost a users' manual for toxic masculinity,

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Rain Song

Delhi has some of the finest dining places with rooftops from where you can actually watch the rain and the rare vision of a storm heaving down.

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Postcards from a hill top

We had arrived and were still a little uncertain about our whereabouts, for it seemed like we had reached the edge of nowhere, 4,400 m (14,435 ft) above sea level.

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The heart of the ocean

They say you never tire of Thailand simply because it is that spot of earthly equilibrium where you reclaim your axis no matter how many times you have been-there-done-that...

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