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Around Delhi - 10 Days Itinerary
Discover India’s capital city – New Delhi. With its towering tombs, majestic monuments, imposing memorials, captivating citadels, landscaped lawns, and bustling bazaars – the city has a lot to offer.
Delhi is not complete, however, without exploring its neighbouring places, simply because of the choices it offers. Visits to the hill stations in the Himalayan ranges, spiritual sojourns along the Ganges and Yamuna, historical tours, adventure tours and more - take your pick, there’s something for everyone.
Take it easy and absorb the sights and sounds of Delhi- you have a good 10 days. There could be many events and activities to keep you on your feet for all the ten days. So get ready for the total Delhi experience.
Check out Delhi in 3 days and Delhi in 5 days for an insight of the places to see and experience for the first 3/5 days.
Go to a cultural (music or dance) programme, travel by the local bus just for the fun of it, Eat chat (locally spiced fastfood) to experience the tanginess. Just go ahead and explore.
You have a good number of adventure sports in Ladakh to choose from ranging from mountaineering, jeep safari, trekking, cycling and river rafting.
Rohtang Pass and Keylong are important spots on the Manali Leh Road. Lahaul and Spiti are the local towns en route.
By Air: There are regular flights from Delhi to Leh.
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Jammu.
By Road: Reach Srinagar and from Srinagar take the Leh - Srinagar route which is 434-km. The ascent is up to a height of 11,500 feet / 3,505m.
Leh is the largest town of Ladakh. It lies at an altitude of 10,800 ft above sea level. The attractions of this area include, trekking, spectacular views of the beautiful valley, captivating Leh Palace, Leh Monastery, Leh Mosque, Stok Palace Museum and others.
The treks from Spituk to the Markha valley and Lamayuru gompa to Chiling village alongside the Zanskar River are the most popular treks in the region. Distance By Air: Leh has its own Airport. Direct flights link it to Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Jammu. By Rail: The nearest Rail Head is Jammu By Road: Jammu is at 620kms.
By Air: Leh has its own Airport. Direct flights link it to Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Jammu.
By Rail: The nearest Rail Head is Jammu
By Road:Jammu is at 620kms.
The gateway to the Himalayas, this charming valley is often referred to as the Valley of the Gods. Kullu is central to this valley as a well developed tourist destination. Most of the treks start here.
Manali is specially known for its world famous tourist place – the Rohtang pass which is close to Kullu, at a distance of 40 kms.
The attractions in Kullu and Manali range from trekking, skiing, river rafting, mountaineering, jeep safari, skiing and paragliding.

By Air: Kullu Manali Airport at Bhuntar, which is at a distance of 10 km from Kullu town.
By Rail: Chandigarh is the most convenient Rail head at a distance of 267 kms from Kullu.
By Road: The distance from Delhi is 522km approximately. Jogindernagar (125 km from Kullu), Pathankot (285km from Kullu).
Dharamshala is at the foot of the Dauladhar slopes in the Kangra valley. The valley is marvelously scenic and renowned for its natural beauty, with oak and conifers in the woods in the valley and the snow capped mountains in the upper regions.
By Air: Nearest Airport is at Gaggla, 13 kms from the town.
By Rail: Dharmashala has its own station, easily approachable for trains from Pathankot.
By Road: Gaggal is 13kms Pathankot is 85 kms.
Lying in upper Dharmshala lies Macleodganj or Little Lhasa. This place is the home of the Tibetan Guru – the Dalai Lama. It is steeped in Buddhist culture. The markets are flooded with a variety of Tibetan wares. Water sports could be indulged in at Maharanapratap Sagar close to Mcleodganj.
By Air: The nearest Airport at Gaggal is 14 km away after which it is accessible by Road.
By Rail: Pathankot is the nearest Railhead. From Pathankot there is a narrow gauge Railway line up to Kangra (94 km) and from here Dharamshala is 17 km by Road.
By Road: Delhi (520 km), Chandigarh (250 km).
Sliding down the slopes can be a thrilling experience. Auli is a very popular ski resort. The slopes are considered one of the best in Asia.
By Air: The nearest Airport from Auli is in Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun
By Rail: The nearest Railhead from Auli is at Raiwala near Rishikesh.
By Road: Rishikesh (253kms), Haridwar (277kms), Dehradun (298kms) and Delhi (500kms)
Located amidst snow capped Kumaon Himalayas, Munsiyari is the site for treks to glaciers like Milam and Ralam for which this place serves as a base camp. Opportunities to go river rafting and skiing are plenty.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Naini Saini at Pithoragarh (128 Km) or Pantnagar Airport.
By Rail: Delhi (612 Km), Nainital (288 Km) and Kathgodam (261 Km).
By Road: Nearest Railhead is Kathgodam (319 Km) Pithogarh (128 kms)
The numerous streams criss-crossing the mountain range, and Bundla River cascading down the mountain side like a mighty waterfall, presents a spectacular sight of the hill side at Palampur in the Kangra valley.
By Air: Palampur is 37 km from Gaggal in Kangra, which is the nearest Airport.
By Rail: The closest Railway station is at Maranda that is at a distance of 2 km from Palampur.
By Road: Palampur is also accessible by Road from Dharamshala 40 km, Kangra 38 km, from Delhi 542 km, from Pathankot and Chandigarh 240 km.
The capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is a very popular tourist destination with a lot of attractions. Besides being the ultimate summer retreat it’s also an ideal spot for adventure sports.
By Air: The Jubbarhatti Airport is 23-km from Shimla
By Rail: Trains ply from Delhi to Kalka. From Kalka take the toy train which courses the valley and the mountain side which presents a panoramic view of the hillside.
By Road: Delhi to Shimla is 370 kms
Endless skyline, snow capped peaks, verdant valleys and fresh water springs, Kufri has it all, and more. It is located in the southern Himachal Pradesh, near Shimla, at an altitude of 2,510 m above sea level.
Kufri plays host to a number of winter sports like skiing and tobogganing along the slopes. The winter sports carnival held annually, is a major attraction for visitors who throng this place just to witness it.
By Air: Jubbarbhatti Airport at Shimla is the nearest one for reaching Kufri.
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is at Shimla
By Road: Delhi to Kufri is 365 kms Shimla is a distance of 16 kms.
According to locals, Kinnaur is a gift from God that fell from the clouds. It is a tribal area in Himachal Pradesh, which was a trade route between India and Tibet. The lush green orchards and gushing rivers below and the snow capped mountains above provide a picture of contrast at Kinnaur.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Jubbar Hatti near Shimla
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is at Shimla
By Road: Shimla to Kinnaur is 260 kms
Sangla Valley is situated in the district of Kinnaur. The village nearby is famous for the local hand woven shawls and typical Kinnauri caps.
By Air: The nearest Airport to Sangla is at Shimla, 238 km.
By Rail: The nearest Railway stations are at Shimla, Kalka and Shoghi.
By Road: Shimla is at a distance of 238 km from Sangla.
The hill station of Dalhousie is an all time favourite among tourists. The fascinating hill, with the enchanting greenery where the Air is still pure and invigorating, bestows this place with an alluring charm.
By Air: The Airport at Gaggal in Kangra is at a distance of 135 km.
By Rail: The closest Railhead is Pathankot, 80 km away.
By Road: Dalhousie is 485 km by Road from Delhi. Pathankot is 80 kms Kangra is 135 kms
Close to Dalhousie, this saucer shaped hill station is a must-see for its breathtaking views. It is often known as the Switzerland of the India. There is a temple here which is famed for its images of the Panch Pandavas, the characters from the epic- Mahabharata.
By Air: The nearest Airport is at Gaggal, Kangra, 140-km from Dalhousie.
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Pathankot.
By Road: It is 27 kms from Dalhousie.
Kangra valley: 89-km Shimla: 275-km
Dharamshala: 99-km Kullu: 300-km
A desert mountain valley in the higher ranges of the Himalayan Mountains; it is referred to as little Tibet because of its closeness to Tibet in terms of climate, vegetation and terrain. It retains a raw charm and is quite untouched by modernity. Trekking tRails in the Spiti Valley provide a very different experience as the terrain is rugged and a little difficult. Walking with the yaks to the valley with the locals and camping in the wild will provide a unique experience.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Bhutar (Kullu)
By Rail: The nearest Railheads are Jogindernagar, Shimla & Chandigarh.
By Road: From Delhi to Manali is 583 kms.
Agra is a major tourist destination because of its Mughal styled monuments and Forts. Most notably the Taj Mahal. It has always been a source of admiration. Poet Tagore describes the Taj Mahal as “one tear-drop...upon the cheek of time". Built by the Emperor Shahjahan in memory of his queen, the Taj Mahal is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and detailed inlay work. The layout follows a distinctly Islamic theme. Taj Mahal is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Mughal architecture.
The Mahal is not open to visitors on Fridays.
By Air: New Delhi is the nearest Airport
By Rail: Agra is well connected by Rail with important cities.
By Road: Agra – Delhi is 203 kms
It is well known as the Pink city due to the colour of the stones used to build its palaces and forts. Built in the desert of Rajasthan, it is the first planned city in India. There are many attractions, like the Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar etc. Jaipur’ s bazaars sell interesting wares such as the tie and die scarves and dress material, hand embroidered, material, embroidered leather shoes, and more.
By Air: Jaipur has its own Airpor
By Rail: Jaipur is well connected with the rest of the cities through Rail lines.
By Road:Jaipur - New Delhi is 259 Kms.
Mathura the birth place of the Hindu God Krishna is shrouded in Hindu folklore. Mathura is a place full of divine reminiscences of Lord Krishna. Devotees keep thronging to this place to pay obeisance to the Lord. Mathura is located on the western bank of the river Yamuna.
On the same bank of the river Yamuna, at about 15 Km. north of Mathura,is the celebrated town of Vrindavan which is also associated with Lord Krishna and his cosmic pursuits. There are plenty of shrines and venerated places.
By Air: The nearest Airport from Mathura and Vrindavan is Agra.
By Rail: Vrindavan is well connected by Rail to all the major cities in India.
By Road: Mathura is 145 kms from Delhi and 56 Kms from Agra.
Haridwar is referred to as the gateway to God. It is a centre steeped in Hindu religion and mysticism. It is the place where the River Ganges descends to the plains from the lofty Himalayas. Haridwar is the venue of the Kumbh Mela that takes places once in twelve years.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, at Dehradun,
By Rail: Haridwar is well connected by Rail to all major cities of India.
By Road: Haridwar is at a distance of 214 kms from Delhi
The Hindu Guru Adi Shankara built four Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. They are known as the Char Dham that includes Badrinath –Kedarnath –Yamunotri - Gangotri
Badrinath is the seat of Lord Vishnu in his aspect of Badrinarayan. Apart from the religious significance, the splendid view of the mountains lures visitors to this sacred place.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, at 239 km.
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Rishikesh, 221 km.
By Road: From Rishikesh the distance is 221 kms..
Badrinath is well connected with other hill stations of Garhwal and Kumaon region.
Kedarnath The furthest among the Char Dhams, it is set amidst the stunning mountains of the Himalayas. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are pathways for pilgrims to approach the shrine by foot.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun (317 kms.)
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is at Rishikesh
By Road: Rishikesh 300 kms, Haridwar 297 kms, Delhi 600kms.
Gangotri and Yamunotri Gangotri and Yamunotri are the origins of the river Ganga and Yamuna respectively. Situated at an elevation of about 3300 kms above the sea level, they are located at opposite ends. Besides being important pilgrimage spots, these places are frequented by trekkers as there are a number of trekking routes. They are close to the India – China border.
By Air: Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant (26 km from Rishikesh)
By Rail: Nearest Railhead is at Rishikesh, 249 km.
By Road: Important Road distances are Uttarkashi - 97 km, Tehri - 167 km, Dharasu -125 km, Mussoorie - 250 km.
Rishikesh offers a mix of spirituality and scenic beauty that is sure to leave the visitor awe inspired. A visit to Rishikesh is considered incomplete without a purifying dip in the river Ganges, as per Hindu customs.
Rishikesh is blessed with turbulent rivers. These rivers and their nearby areas make excellent spots for adventure sports like White Water Rafting, Canoeing, Trekking, Rock-Climbing / Mountaineering, Camping and Skiing in winter.
Rishikesh is 25 kms away from Haridwar.
Elephant rides, bird watching, and jeep safaris, are the highlights of the Park. The oldest National Park in India, the park has been named after the conservationist Jim Corbett. It is considered one, among the tiger reserves in India, under the wildlife protection initiative. Corbett Park has the highest density of Tiger in the country.
Situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand,in the foothills of the Himalayas, the park is spread over the districts of Nainital and Garhwal.
Best Time The park is open from November 15th to June 15th only.
By Air: The nearest Airport is at Phoolbagh in Pantnagar.
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Ramnagar.
By Road: Delhi - 295 kms Nanital - 105 kms Ranikhet - 112 kms Pantnagar is 50kms from the park.
This forest reserve offers its visitors the experience of jungle life with all its myriad charms, as the animals and the variety of birds move about in their natural environs. Its forests were once the hunting grounds of the Maharajas. Best Time Ranthambore National park is open from 1st October to 30th June Rest of the year; the Park is closed for visitors.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Jaipur
By Rail: Ranthambore is 11 kms from Sawai Madhopur which connects to all the major cities in Rajasthan.
By Road: Ranthambore is 11-kms from Sawai Madhopur 145 kms from Jaipur Delhi to Ranthambore is 403 kms.
A birdwatcher's paradise, Sultanpur is a popular site for resident and migratory birds. Sultanpur Lake is a popular picnic spot especially in winter, when the Sanctuary provides a picturesque panorama of migratory birds. The lake also has a few reptiles. The Sanctuary is home to some animals as well, like the sambar, nilgai, hog deer, blackbuck.
By Air: Nearest Airport is New Delhi Airport
By Rail: Railway Station is Gurgaon Railway Station (15 km)
By Road: The Park is 45 kms from Delhi, and 15 kms from Gurgaon.
Sariska is a Tiger reserve located in the Aravalli hills in Rajasthan. Besides its tiger population, the reserve is known for its population of leopards, porcupines, panthers, and other wild animals. The sanctuary also has a remarkable number of avian populations.
By Air: The nearest Airport is Jaipur
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Alwar
By Road: Sariska is 200 kilometers from Delhi and 107 kilometers from Jaipur. Alwar, is 37 kilometers from the reserve.
The forest reserve and Bird sanctuary of Binsar is home to a number of wild, animals and exotic birds. Nature walks and trekking tRails are the attractions here.
By Air: The nearest Airport is at Pantnagar (150 km)/ Kathgodam (120 km).
By Rail: The nearest Railhead is Pantnagar.
By Road: Binsar is 30 km from Almora, 90 km from Nainital and 418 km from Delhi. Kathgodam is 120 kms. Pantnagar is 150 kms.
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