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Tips For A Safe Flight


For a comfortable and healthy flying experience:
Air Travel in today’s India has become a highly preferred option. And considering a human body is sensitive to change, a healthy flying experience remains a concern for many. Committed to making your flying time most comfortable, we like to recommend a few steps which will help augment your flying experience.
Before the Flight:
  • Please drink lots of water and control the intake of alcohol, coffee and tea.
  • A stroll after the check-in is recommended
  • Avoid eating heavy.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Keep your skin moisturized.
During the Flight:
  • Drink lots of water and control the intake of alcohol, coffee and tea.
  • While you are seated, rotate your ankles, stretch and flex your leg muscles, arms, shoulders and neck at regular intervals to relax your body and boost blood circulation.( mentioned below) to avoiding cramps by optimizing blood circulation.
  • Avoid eating heavy.
Inflight Safety norms:
Safety remains a primary concern for all of us. Kindly pay attention to the inflight announcements upon takeoff and landing. Do make it a habit of referring to the information sheet on safety procedures kept in the seat pocket. In case of any concerns, please contact your flight attendant immediately.
Electronic Devices:
Use of hand held devices such as mobile phones, radios, GPS locators and remote controlled toys are prohibited during flight hours. Please keep your mobile phones switched off during the flight. Personal computers and video games can be used during flying hours but must be switched off during taking off and landing.
As per government regulations, smoking is totally prohibited on board any flight. As a measure of strict compliance, the aircraft's toilet has detectors installed. Penalties will be levied upon those not complying with the regulations.
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