Conserve Energy and Go Green

Several initiatives have been implemented at Cargo Terminal to save green, both in terms of operational and infrastructural activities.

At Airport level, Delhi Airport cargo is extremely conscious about Green initiatives and keeps implementing various initiatives to reduce carbon emission, particularly with respect to cargo handling processes. Our Cargo Terminal Operators (CTOs) have also been implementing several measures towards the green initiatives, such as the use of battery-operated handling equipment, use of green energy etc.

Paperless Operation
100% Paperless Operation

Delhi Airport is the first Airport in India, which has implemented 100% paperless operation – both in Export & Import operations. With the implementation of Initiatives like e-Airway Bill, e-Location slip, Cargo Mobile App, IATA message integration in Import, e-Load Advice, Truck Slot Management System etc. essentially all the processes for handling Cargo at the Cargo Terminals have been automated without the need to submit any paper documents (except statutory requirements).

Air Cargo Message Exchange System ACMEs (Air Cargo Message Exchange System)

Air Cargo Message Exchange System (ACMES) - an e-Freight initiative of Delhi Airport for acceptance of advance shipment information.

ACMES is a digital, single window platform, which facilitates seamless information flow between all stakeholders of the Air Cargo community. The platform allows Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to automate and digitize shipment data thus enhancing efficiency, consistency and transparency in doing business, moving towards complete paperless processing.

Cargo Mobile APP
Cargo Mobile APP

Delhi Airport has its own Cargo Mobile App which offers its users instant access to real-time information about shipments. Such information can be accessed through an array of devices such as smartphones/ tablet/ laptop etc.

It offers greater convenience to the Air Cargo Agents, Freight Forwarders and other Users to track and trace the shipment and also support in doing day-to-day transactions.

Roof Top Solar Power System
Roof Top Solar Power System

The Cargo Terminal buildings of Delhi Airport have large roof elements and offer significant potential for solar installations. With the objective of improving the use of renewable energy, a 2MW Roof Top Solar PV System was installed over one of the Cargo Terminals in the year 2017. This has reduced the reliance on conventional power source by around 20-25%

Going forward, there are plans to install such Roof Top Solar PV systems on other roofs of the Cargo Terminal Buildings in a phased manner.

International Air Transport Association India's 1st eAWB 360 Compliant Airport by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Delhi Airport is the first “eAWB360 compliant” Airport in India, certified by IATA. e-AWB (Electronic Airway Bill) is an industry-wide initiative by IATA to replace paper Air Waybill.

The e-Air Way Bill (e-AWB) solution allows the electronic filing of transportation documents of an air cargo shipment to a Carrier or an Authorized Agent by a Freight Forwarder.