Tender Notice
1. Brief Project Description
Government of India has notified the Airports Authority of India (Ground handling Services) Regulations, 2018 (“Regulations”) with no. F.No. AAI/OPS/707/GHR-2018 which supersedes Ministry of Civil Aviation (Ground Handling Services) Regulations, 2017, along with AIC Si. No.10/2018 dated 25th October, 2018 (“GH Regulation”) under the AAI Act, except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession. This is in-line with the National Civil Aviation Policy, 2016 which, inter alia, provides for appointment of three (03) ground handling agencies (including Air India’s subsidiary/ Joint Venture) at all major airports as defined in AERA Act 2008 to ensure fair competition. To ensure fair competition in accordance with the National Civil Aviation Policy, 2016 and the aforesaid GH Regulation, Delhi International Airport Limited invites bids for selection of 2 (two) bidders for undertaking Ground Handling Services at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, complying with Operation, Management and Development Agreement through a competitive bidding process.
2. RFP Details
2.1 A Bidder may be either:
1. a private or public limited company incorporated in India (“Indian Company”); or
2. a private or public limited company incorporated outside India (“Foreign Company”).
No other category of persons or entities or any consortium of persons/entities can participate in this Tender Process. The Bidder on becoming the Selected Bidder shall incorporate a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”/ “Concessionaire”) under the Companies Act, 2013, prior to the execution of the Ground Handling Concession Agreement. Pursuant to its incorporation, the SPV shall execute the Concession Agreement and other agreements with DIAL.
2.2 The details of the project, technical and financial eligibility criteria, grounds for disqualification and format for submission of bids are set out in the RFP. The brief of technical and financial eligibility criteria and certain grounds for disqualification are mentioned herein below for immediate reference and the interested parties are requested to carefully examine and evaluate such criterion before submitting the application for procuring the RFP.
2.2.1 Technical Eligibility Criteria
a) The Bidders should have at least five (5) years’ experience in ground handling (Ramp & Passenger Handling) of narrow body & wide body aircrafts.
b) The Bidders should have directly signed Standard Ground Handling Agreement with at least five (5) international airlines and the Bidder must be providing the entire ground handling services for the international operations of such airline.
c) The Bidder should submit proof for wide body handling.
d) The Bidder should have carried out ground handling services in at least one (1) international airport with ten (10) million annual passenger movement in the last three (3) years preceding the submission of its Tender/ Bid pursuant to this RFP.
e) To be eligible to take part in the Tender Process, ground handling companies must have security clearance/ approval from their operating country for ground handling operations.
2.2.2 Financial Eligibility Criteria
a) The Bidder should have minimum total turnover of Rupees One Hundred Fifty Crores (INR 150,00,00,000/-) in each of the preceding three Accounting Years (FY 2015-16, FY 2016-17 and FY 2017-18).
b) The Bidder or Affiliates whose Technical Capacity criteria is used for evaluation need to have Net Worth of Rupees One Hundred Crores (INR 100,00,00,000/-) as on 31 March 2018.
c) Bidder needs to submit a certificate from their statutory auditor confirming the turnover and net worth.
2.2.3 Disqualification
Without prejudice to and without limiting DIAL’s right to disqualify any Bidder as otherwise provided in the RFP, DIAL shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Bidder and reject its Bid including but not limited to any one or more of the following grounds:
a) the Bidder does not comply with any of the criteria including but not limited to the basic Qualification Criteria, Technical Eligibility Criteria and the Financial Eligibility Criteria;
b) there is any conflict of interest;
c) where the Bidder as selected Bidder, any of its member has, for any reason, been debarred by AAI/DIAL or by any other airport operator in India from participating in any tender process;
d) where the Bidder has in the past, been in breach of, or has defaulted in, its obligations pertaining to any contract or arrangement with DIAL or any Affiliate of DIAL;
e) any Bid, in respect of which Tender Security has not been submitted as per the schedule of the Tender Process as set out in the RFP;
f) there are pending, active, or previous legal action by/against the Bidder that may prevent its participation in the Tender Process or it from fulfilling its obligations as specified in this RFP and the Concession Agreement or prevent it from execution of the Concession Agreement and any other forms and deeds as required;
g) If a Bidder is a scheduled air carrier or any entity in which a scheduled air carrier or its promoter(s) directly or indirectly holds any interest, or is otherwise an Affiliate of a scheduled air carrier.
2.3 The information on the technical and financial eligibility criteria and grounds for disqualification are detailed in the RFP and have been provided above for reference purposes. In case of any ambiguity or discrepancy within the information provided here and the information given in the RFP, the provisions of the RFP shall prevail.
2.4 To procure the RFP, the interested parties are required to submit an application in the prescribed format along with a payment of non-refundable amount of INR 5,90,000/- (Inclusive of Taxes) to DIAL (“Tender Fee”) by way of online payment vide RTGS mode as per following details:
Account name: Delhi International Airport Ltd.
Account Number: 006505002685
Type of Account: Current account
Name of Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd
Address of Branch: ICICI Bank Ltd, C-17, Local Shopping Complex, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057
MICR of Branch: 110229008
IFSC Code of Branch: ICIC0000065
2.5 The interested parties who have paid the Tender Fee shall submit the following documents to DIAL at the email id DIAL.GHbid@gmrgroup.in;
a. proof of payment;
b. scanned copy of the duly filled RFP Application Form on the interested party's letterhead; and
c. scanned copy of the duly executed Confidentiality Undertaking
2.6 The interested party shall also send the originals of duly filled RFP Application Form and Confidentiality Undertaking at the address mentioned below:
Delhi International Airport Limited
Address: New Udaan Bhawan
Opposite Terminal 3
Indira Gandhi International Airport
New Delhi - 110 037

Kind Attn: Mr. Sanjiv Edward
2.7 Upon receipt of the payment and the above mentioned documents, DIAL either, through itself or through its representative will review the details furnished by the interested party, and thereafter, share the RFP documents to such interested party at the email provided in the RFP Application Form.
2.8 The last date for receipt of any queries, pre bid meeting and submission of the bids are provided herein below:
S.No. Description Date and Time
1 Pre-bid meeting 25th July'19
2 Last Date for the receipt of the queries from bidders 31st July'19 by 1730 hours
3 Last Date for the submission of bids 23rd Aug'19 by 1200 hours
The detailed Bid Schedule is provided in the RFP document.
2.9 DIAL reserves the right to: (i) not release or furnish the RFP and the documents related thereto and / or any information contained therein to any interested party without assigning any reasoning whatsoever; or withdraw such RFP including related documents or information.
2.10 For any queries related to the RFP, please email at DIAL.GHbid@gmrgroup.in.
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