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Promotion & Video Shooting

Promotion Space @ T3

Is your brand drawing the eye balls it deserves..?? Are you able to reach out to your target audience..??

I am sure at some point in time all brand managers have thought through these questions and wondered if their brand is in the right place at the right time drawing the right response.

Delhi International Airport being one of world’s most premium travel destinations offers brands just that. An eclectic mix of access to premium audience with high dwell time, ready to engage with choice of brands presented with.

T3 the integrated terminal spreads across 5.4 mill sq ft area with a potential capacity of 40 mill pax per annum with over 30,000 sq mt of retail space. The area constitutes more than 150 Retail, Hospitality & Services clients showcasing more than 500 luxury brands from around the globe.

Today we offer our pax a great mix of shopping categories in Electronics. Consumer Goods. Food & Beverages . Perfumes. Liquor. Tobacco . Confectionary. Apparels. Watches. Jewelry. Leather. Souvenirs. All under one roof of T3.

Our team has identified plethora of promotions locations for new concepts and activities, where ‘YOUR BRAND’ can have a presence amongst the section (A) audience.

Consumer engagement opportunity that you can be a part of-
  • Brand Launches
  • Auto Shows
  • Property Shows
  • Apparel/Watches Fare
  • Fashion Shows
  • Brand Lounges
  • Music Shows
  • Flash Mob
  • Entertainment and gaming
Besides, all your activities can be customized with the major events planned at the airport.

T3 is open to “explore” and you all are welcomed..!!

For an over view and queries please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Chandramani Gautam
Commercial - Promotion and Activation
Delhi International Airport (P) Limited
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