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GMR-IGI Airport Annual Awards
Delhi International Airport Ltd, in collaboration with our knowledge partners KPMG, is pleased to announce the GMR IGI Airport Awards, to celebrate and recognize the inspiring entrepreneurial spirit of our business partners.
These Awards were conceptualized to honour and reward our business partners for their hard work throughout the year in exceeding expectations and providing customer delight. The Awards were officially launched on 16th December, 2011 and the first Award ceremony was held in May 2012. .

These awards have been institutionalized to celebrate and recognise achievements and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit of all our business partners within their respective field by "Raising the Standard of Excellence" and meeting the various demands of the increasing number of passengers we are attracting..

These were the first set of Awards launched by any airport in India, and have now become a tradition in the aviation industry.

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The GMR IGI Airport Awards 2016 will recognize and reward Business Partners in the following key categories:
  • Airlines
  • Cargo
  • Commercial – Non Aero
  • Employee of the Year – Sovereign Functions
  • Service Providers of the Year for
    • Engineering Services – Terminal & Airside
    • Operations
    • Information Technology
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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
1st GMR-IGI Airport Business Partner Awards 2012
Official name of these awards is the “GMR IGI Airport Awards”.
The Awards is a way for us to recognize the airport communities “best of the best” when it comes to service and operational excellence.
These Awards are to recognize Business Partners at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, hence the IGI Airport Awards.
“GMR IGI Airport Awards” were formally launched at the end of 2011. The 1st GMR-IGI Airport Business Partner Award ceremony was hosted in May 2012 and has been hosted every year subsequently.
It’s a recognition system for various airport business segments, subdivided into various categories, which are governed by predefined parameters. The evaluation is conducted by KPMG, who are the knowledge partners for the Awards.
All existing airport business partners are automatically eligible for these awards. The broad categories are Airlines, Cargo, Commercial – Non Aero, and Service Provider of the Year.
“GMR IGI Airport Awards” are meant to recognize our business partners who deliver outstanding service through improved team work, efficiency, and stand above the rest in customer deliverables with the intent of increased revenues.
The evaluation period is on a financial year basis i.e. April to March.
Yes, continue to do what you are doing but make it more efficient. Be a winner in your respective category by providing excellent customer service to your customers.
All our business partners are eligible for nominations based on the predefined parameter matrix.
These awards are not driven by any voting system or any request for nominations per se.
There is no request for nominations from the business partners.
There is no fee attached. A personal invitation will be sent to the all concerned.
All the business partners will be evaluated on the basis of the actual operating & financial performance and data collected against pre-defined parameters. This data is evaluated by our knowledge partners KPMG to announce the winners in each category.
All the business partners are automatically selected as participants in their respective segments.
Results are will be purely analysis of actual operating & financial performance and data collected against pre-defined parameters, through a transparent process. The data collection and tallying isdone by our knowledge partners KPMG.
Winners will receive a wining trophy along with a certificate of recognition.
No, these awards are not recognized by any government body. They are recognized by the airport community of Delhi International Airport.
“GMR-IGI Airport Annual Awards” is not a sponsored event. It is solely owned, managed and run by Delhi international Airport Ltd.
GMR IGI Airport Awards are a bonafide annual event. We do not have any intention of revoking the awards. We have hosted them every year, making them a tradition in the aviation industry.
A formal press release would be issued by DIAL. Further, the awards will be well covered on the airport website, and its social media handles on Facebook and Twitter.
There is no jury or panel of judges for these awards.
GMR IGI Airport Awards are scheduled in May every year. The final dates of the Award Ceremony will be communicated to the respective stakeholders via “Block Your Date” Invites, followed by a physical invite in due course.
GMR-IGI Airport Business Partner Awards are scheduled to be held in May of every year. The first ceremony will take place in New Delhi in May 2012. - Click here to view
Winners will be announced during the annual award function.
GMR IGI Airport Awards announcements can be found on and its social media handles on Facebook and Twitter.
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